We have reached our last lesson in this series which is Gate 49, the 33rd Path, the invisible Sephirah called Knowledge.  The spiritual Attribute for path 33 is Knowing. Its crystal is Black Obsidian. It is also known as The Abyss.

What is Knowing? Our first thought on this may be that it is Intuition. Of course Intuition is one of the spiritual attributes so Knowing has to be something other than that. Certainly our Intuition brings a certain Knowing of things and events to us. That can be called intuitive Knowing, channelled to us via our Intuition. The spiritual attribute of Illumination is another channel that brings Knowing into our consciousness. Discernment assists us to Know things too. So does Spiritual Attunement. This is the Lesser Knowing.

The Greater Knowing is the spiritual attribute of Knowing which is a state of being. When we have achieved that state our Light of the Spiritual Vehicle is as bright as it can get. All of the spiritual attributes are at full activity. At this point we no longer have to work on the spiritual attributes. They have all been Spiritually Integrated into Knowing and our Light Body is the only body we need. Our Emotional and Mental bodies cross The Abyss and merge into our Spiritual Body. The need for a physical body ceases. We have truly attained Mastery.

On the way to achieving this state of the Greater Knowing we can achieve something related to it by connecting to the “All That Is”. When we do this we don’t always understand what we know and so have to go through the process of coming to understand it. We can also get this kind of Knowing from our experience in life after coming to understand why it is so. This is also the Lesser Knowing that we experience on the way to gaining that great state of being which is Knowing