We now come to Gate 1, Path 5 which is the Radical Intelligence. Radical means from the root of things or to get to the root of things. The spiritual attribute of path 5 is Justice/Dispassion and its name is Severity. The crystal for this path is Unakite.

DISPASSION – Lack of Passion brought about by detachment from a situation or an outcome.

There is nothing wrong with being passionate. In fact we need to be passionate about our Spiritual growth if we ever hope to progress. We need to be passionate about life and what it has to offer so that we can reach our full potential as physical beings as well. Passion comes naturally to normally functioning human beings. It is when it gets out of hand and causes harm that the spiritual attribute of Dispassion needs to come into play.

When we feel a potentially harmful emotion like anger rising in us, we can try to replace it with Dispassion. The same can be done for envy, jealousy, resentment, hate etc. Concentrating on doing this should distract us from these negative emotions. Dispassion does not come easily. We have to work at it. We also have to work at the root cause of our negative thoughts and emotions.

Both Justice and Dispassion are often seen to be severe. The person on the receiving end of Justice and those who are closely tied to that person, feel the severity of Justice, while others see the severity and feel that it is justified.  It depends on whose side we are on as to how we view Justice.  Sometimes we need to experience the severity of Justice to wake us up to what we are doing wrong in life. When we experience this severity we should look to the root of the problem and see where we went wrong and where we can change for the better.

Justice can be delivered in anger.  When people mete out Justice in their lives, be it to family, friends or strangers, they usually get angry and that is what we have come to expect.  This is where those on the Path of Light have to differ from the average person; they have to work at never directing anger at anything or anyone.  This is a very hard lesson.  We have to replace anger with Dispassion.

It can be argued that there is such a thing as justifiable anger.  Good people get angry when they see or experience injustice. It is what we do with that anger that is important. Angry thoughts usually cause harm. Actions taken in anger rarely have positive outcomes. We still need to bring that passionate emotion of anger back to a neutral position of Dispassion to ensure that we are harmless in thought, word and deed when we act because of justifiable anger. 

As consciously practicing spiritual people we need the courage to allow Justice to operate in our lives no matter the consequences. Justice is connected to Karma and so instead of being an unconscious victim of karma we now actively, consciously work with it to learn all the lessons we still need to learn.