Gate 38, Hidden Path 6 Intuition flows between Forgiveness and The Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. Intuition is a sense that something is a certain way, is going to be a certain way or has been a certain way. Some refer to it as a “gut feeling” or may say that they “feel it in my heart”. However, true Intuition does not come from the Solar Plexus or Heart Chakras. It actually flows to us via our Third Eye Chakra and later on in our development from the Third Eye correspondence in our Crown Chakra and is an aspect of our Higher Mind.

Our Intuition is our guiding light on our journey through life. Our everyday journey becomes our spiritual journey once we have awakened to the fact that we are more than the physical body that we know ourselves as.

As we progress on that journey we see the importance of Right Action. The Spiritual Attributes we have considered so far have led us to this concept of Right Action and we will continue to explore it as we go along. Right Action is a combination of many Spiritual Attributes.

Sometimes we rely solely on Intuition to guide us while at other times it is our Discernment that we use. Many times we flick between them both without being conscious of doing this. Whichever one is personally most dominant is the one we tend to use most. Our task is to develop them both to where one is no more dominant than the other so that whichever is most effective in any given situation is the one that will dominate at that time.

To do this we must take the time to consciously work with both. Discernment uses logic and the analytical mind. It is a mistake to shun the analytical mind when walking the spiritual path. It helps to keep us grounded. When we intuit something it is wise to call in our analytical mind to discern if what we are getting makes sense in the scheme of things. When we discern something it is wise to call on our Intuition to test if it “feels” right. Sometimes we will swing between both and not get a clear answer. Then we have to wait and see what develops or make the best decision we can at the time. From each experience of this we learn to read the signs better and to build and balance our discerning and intuitive strength.