We will now consider Gate 8, Path 6. The spiritual attribute of path 6 is Integrity, the intelligence is the Intelligence of the Mediating Influence and the name of the path is Beauty. The crystal for Integrity is Red Tiger Eye.

Integrity is something that we build as we go through life. When we hear someone say that a person has the highest Integrity we expect that this person is an example of all the very best that humanity can be in their dealings with people personally and publicly. 

Such a person we are striving to be and at this stage of our journey it is expected that we do indeed have a very high Integrity already. A person of such Integrity follows Right Action in all things where possible. All the Spiritual Attributes we have studied so far, along with all those still to come, form the basis of our Integrity.

In a way it is our Integrity that is mixing and blending the spiritual attributes according to the needs of the time in our lives. It sits in the centre of the Tree of Life mediating the Above to the Below and the Below to the Above, always drawing in what is needed to bring about Right Action and the best possible outcome. 

It is not surprising that its name is Beauty. When we look at our world and the state it is in we can see that what is required to preserve the Beauty of the natural world and bring out the natural Beauty of Humanity is Unconditional Love, flowing through the people of Integrity who follow the path of Innocence/Harmlessness and shine the Light of their Spiritual Vehicles into the darkest reaches of the world and its people. 

Thus we become Mediators of Love and Light, gently but resolutely influencing humanity towards Right Action.