The next path for our consideration is Gate 7, Path 9 whose spiritual attribute is Innocence/Harmlessness. The intelligence is the Pure Intelligence and the name is Foundation. The crystal for Innocence/Harmlessness is Tourmalinated Quartz.

To act in Innocence is to practice the art of Harmlessness. 

The hardest thing of all is to stop causing harm through thought. Thought is not something you can see or hear and so you think you can't do any harm by just thinking something. 

There are negative thoughts, jealousy, envy, resentment and other selfish or unjust thoughts. 

We think we aren’t doing any harm because we don’t say or do anything harmful. However those thoughts are so powerful. They are energy and as where we may not see the damage, the damage is done. A lot of that damage is done to ourselves as the energy tends to find its way back to us. However, it can cause a lot of harm on its journey. 

When negative thoughts are propelled forward by enough force they can be projected into the aura of the person they are focussed upon. Then it is up to that person whether they consciously or unconsciously allow themselves to be influenced by those thoughts or not. Whether they accept them or not does not prevent our negative thoughts returning to us greatly increased.

Therefore we must purify ourselves through consciously acting, thinking and speaking in Innocence/Harmlessness thus building a strong foundation to reach our goal in evolution along the Path of Light. 

All the Spiritual Attributes that constitute the 49 Gates of Understanding can help us to bring about this purification. It is not an easy or quick task to complete and takes many lifetimes to do it successfully. Those of us reading this are not starting this process for the first time. It may be so for this life but we have been working on our Spiritual Evolution for many lives. We will discover that we have already achieved a lot.

The focus here so far has been on the negative projection of thoughts. The principles are also true for positive thoughts and so we can help someone by focussing thoughts of happiness, prosperity, health etc. on them.  Regardless of whether they accept them or not such positive thoughts will return to us greatly increased so long as our original focus is unselfish.