Inner Stability

This is a good time to look at Gate 23, Path 23, Inner Stability which flows between the Severity of Justice/Dispassion and the Splendour of True Humility. The spiritual attribute of Path 23 is Inner Stability, the intelligence is the Stable Intelligence and its name is Water.  The crystal for Inner Stability is Lepidolite.

Inner Stability relates to both our mental and emotional vehicles. I think most of us have experienced times when our emotions have caused us to be unable to function properly mentally and at other times our thoughts have stirred up our emotions to breaking point.

That process of purification spoken of in the previous lesson will stir us up emotionally and mentally. It forces us to reach out for the Stable Intelligence in order to be able to continue. Rather than get anxious and stressed about trying to understand just what Inner Stability is and how on earth it can be attained when one is in a state of turmoil we simply need to invoke the Stable Intelligence. 

To do this we need to become familiar with the Tree of Life diagram and the position of Inner Stability on the Tree. Then we can go into a meditative state, visualise the Tree and focus on the path of Inner Stability, saying, “I call upon the Stable Intelligence to awaken within me.” We should not tell it what to do. We have to Trust that the Stable Intelligence has a purpose and will go to work bringing about a state of Inner Stability. We may not get instant results. This is something that requires Eternal Persistence.

This is where True Humility comes into play. It is our ego’s that need to take control and decide just what this Stable Intelligence should do and then direct it to do so. Thus we would micromanage the process and most likely fail. We need to detach from the process and let it work as it will. In the meantime we can look at what other spiritual attributes could help us to take care of the situations or triggers for our turmoil. That is part of our purifying process too. We have to come to understand what is causing our condition and do what we can to master it.

A good place to start is with Justice/Dispassion. Stop dwelling on the seeming injustice of our position. Justice/Dispassion has just told us that whatever is happening is as it should be according to Cosmic Law. Perhaps we can detach from some aspects of our situation. If not then we need to be focussing on developing Dispassion which will have a flow on effect towards Inner Stability.

What about True Humility. Could it be that our Egos’ are bruised by certain life situations that are causing our turmoil? We need to be honest with ourselves here. If it is all about how others perceive us, material status in the community, our idea of success and failure etc. then we need to work on these areas so we can truly see that they are not important after all.

Because the spiritual attributes work together in various combinations your life situation that is causing such turmoil will probably be useful for developing and strengthening other attributes as well. Therefore it is a good idea to look at all the attributes to see where our life situation is also going to be useful.