We will now look at  Gate 26, Path 26  which flows between the Beauty of Integrity and the Splendour of True Humility. The spiritual attribute of path 26 is Initiation and the intelligence is the Renewing Intelligence. Its name is Eye and its crystal is Labradorite.

In our original lessons it states that Initiation is a process that we go through and every time we undergo an Initiation a renewing takes place. This holds true but it is a different aspect of the spiritual attribute of Initiation that we are going to look at now.

The process of Initiation goes on as we live our lives both physical and spiritual. We can simply bump along with it and take whatever comes or we can take some control by initiating changes and events in our lives. 

We can take the initiative and avoid many of the bumps by becoming more aware of the need to learn from every experience we have. 

We can use the various spiritual attributes to assist us to intuit or discern what it is we need to be learning and experiencing. 

With this knowledge we can initiate the events and create the circumstances in which to learn our lessons. 

Initiation and Creation go hand in hand a lot of the time. To initiate changes in our lives we often have to create something new. At other times we have to renew something (Renewing Intelligence) to get things moving again. Our Imagination comes in handy in this Initiation/Creation process.

The expression, “take the initiative” is part of the creative process. It is all very well to imagine what we want but unless we take the initiative and set some things in motion all our creations will be in our imaginations only.

It is very useful to use our imagination to help us to see what might happen if we initiate certain things in our lives or the lives of others. We can go through all the possible scenarios we can imagine, good and bad. It is safe to imagine the “bad” things so we can decide if it is worth it before we go ahead with something we want to do. 

There is no harm in having a lively imagination as long as we can distinguish between what is actual reality and what is imagined reality.

We live in a world of constant change. This is the Renewing Intelligence at work and it is Prudent to work with it rather than against it.