We will now examine Gate 29, Path 29 which flows between the Victory of Serenity and the Kingdom of the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. The spiritual attribute of path 29 is Illumination and the intelligence is the Corporeal Intelligence.  Its name is Back of the Head and its crystal is Sodalite.

The Corporeal Intelligence is the intelligence of bodies or vehicles of expression for animate and inanimate creations. At one level it operates to bring our creations into existence. At Initiation we “turn on the Light” which gives life to our Creations. This is one aspect of Illumination.

At another level the Corporeal Intelligence brings the Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom of all levels of existence into our Mental Vehicles where we can consciously experience it, use it and pass it on to others as best we can. This is Illumination. 

By passing on what we have received we Illuminate others. How much they comprehend of what we are attempting to share will depend on where they are on their Soul Journey. Just as we gain what we can from the Illumination of others so will they. Many will retain it in their subconscious until such time as they have grown to the point where they can comprehend it. At this time something will trigger it to come forth into their conscious minds. 

This happens to us from time to time and so Illumination can be something that unfolds over time or it can be what we call a “light bulb moment” where we simply now comprehend something which was previously incomprehensible.

Sometimes that “light bulb moment” is simply the beginning of an Illumination that unfolds in stages over many years.

Our own personal Illumination and the Illumination we receive from others plays a vital role on our journey of spiritual growth and development. However we cannot force this process. It is more likely that we will receive Illumination when we are in a state of Serenity than in the midst of turmoil and so a practice of regular meditation or contemplation is useful to us.

It goes without saying that the more Illuminated we become the greater the Light of Our Spiritual Vehicles.