Let’s do Gate 21, Path 21 now which flows between the Mercy of Compassion and the Victory of Serenity. It is the Conciliating Intelligence, its spiritual attribute is Harmony and its name is Grasping Hand. The crystal for Harmony is Chiastolite.

When we begin to recognise the Brotherhood of mankind and the interconnectedness of all that is we also begin to harmonise with everything. This tendency to be in Harmony with Life and all of Creation comes naturally upon us as we grow spiritually. We often become aware of our need for Harmony by the repulsion we feel for places and people where there is discord.

Sometimes we need to stop and evaluate these situations before we simply run away from them. It may well be that it is our Duty of Service to be Compassionate and Serene enough to become part of it in order to bring about Harmony if it is at all possible. Sometimes it is our energy present in a situation that is all that is needed. At other times it is our Discernment or Intuition that lets us know what can be done to bring about Harmony and what mix of spiritual attributes would be useful. 

It is wise to also look at the Intelligences that underlie the spiritual attributes as sometimes it is these we need to activate to a different manifestation than a spiritual attribute. The spiritual attributes are Keys to greater knowledge, understanding and power. The spiritual attributes are designed to ensure that manipulation of the Intelligences is done according to Right Action.

Sometimes we can be effective harmonisers and at other times not. Sometimes we have to see what we can do, try our best and then have the courage (Spiritual Valour) to either persist (Eternal Persistence) or withdraw.

The best place to start harmonising is within family and close relationships, work situations and social groups. Remember, we Serve where we are so unless we feel a very strong call to World Service we don’t have to go searching far from home for opportunities to bring about Harmony.

Also we want all of our Spiritual Attributes to work in Harmony with each other. 

We can invoke the Conciliating Intelligence to assist us to bring about Harmony within our beings, in our lives and the lives of those we come in contact with.