Now we will consider Gate 3, Path 2. The spiritual attribute of path 2 is Forgiveness, the name is Wisdom and the intelligence is the Illuminating Intelligence. The crystal for Forgiveness is Rhodonite.

When we try very hard to put these spiritual attributes into practice in our lives we will fail sometimes. That is simply being human. Therefore it is very important that we forgive ourselves for our seeming failures.

Forgiving ourselves or others is not condoning wrongdoing. It is simply that wallowing in guilt and or resentment holds us back from true growth. 

Realising that we have lapsed in some way means that we are consciously working towards becoming the best person we can be. We should just acknowledge the lapse, make a strong mental note to do better next time and use Dispassion to detach from the guilt.

Forgiveness plus the resolve not to repeat wrongdoing is the all-important thing.

It is important to forgive others also, rather than just push them out of our minds because the situation is too painful to deal with or we feel justified in feeling resentful and want revenge. 

For our own good we have to forgive others and ourselves. Simply saying, “I forgive myself.” or, “I forgive this person.” is not actually forgiving. It is just the first step in a very long process that is like peeling away the layers of an onion. It is very significant to even reach the point where we have gained the wisdom to know that it is in our own best interest to forgive.

We should not be afraid to shine the light on the things that we are ashamed of. They are a part of our journey and if we are ashamed of them it is because we now see them from the higher perspective of the person we now are. Now we can see that these things are not the whole of us and we can give ourselves permission to forgive ourselves and detach from these events and move on. Eventually we will truly forget them to the point where it will be very hard to bring them back to mind in any clarity. Some of those shameful things will even become clear as being nothing to be ashamed about now that we see life from a higher vantage point. These same principles work when forgiving others.

Our aim is to forgive that person we used to be and move on. We also aim to forgive those who have wronged us and seek forgiveness from those we have wronged. That is the Way of Wisdom.