Let us now consider Gate 34, Hidden Path 2 Faith, which flows between Unconditional Love and Serenity. 

Right from the beginning we are told that if we do certain things on this spiritual path we will get certain results. At the beginning we have no proof of this so we have to take it on Faith that this is so. Calling on our Discernment and Intuition we get a feeling as to whether it is right for us and in Faith we move forward.

Being in Serenity allows us to listen to our logical brain for Discernment and our Intuition coming from our Higher Self. It is becoming obvious that in order to develop these Spiritual Attributes we need all of them in various ways to achieve it.

If we are blessed with the known presence of our Spiritual Guides we will usually take on Faith those things they teach us. This is because we have Faith in them who Love us Unconditionally. In time we return that Unconditional Love. We may not realise it but our Spiritual Guides have tremendous Faith in us and our ability to “get it right” on the spiritual path.

Faith forms the basis of religion. We are at a stage on our Soul Journey where religion is replaced by spirituality. We start to bring in that which science has proven to balance that which religion has given us to take on Faith. That does not mean that we lose our Faith but rather that we now bring into balance our spiritual and our material sides and develop new Rules of Being that become the spiritual guideposts of our lives. 

Many of these spiritual guideposts are yet to be proven by science so we still need a strong, yet flexible, Faith on our journey. We let go of the rigid Faith of the past and embrace a flexible Faith that evolves as we strive to live by Right Action at all levels of our being.