Now we come to Gate 41, Hidden Path 9, Duty which flows between Justice/Dispassion and The Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. Duty is something we are familiar with. We have a Duty to our Country and a Duty of Care to our fellow human beings as well as the animal kingdom and the Earth we live upon. There are other duties as well and we don’t need to list them all to understand what Duty is. 

Quite often we face a conflict of Duty and must determine how we can fulfill all of our duties. Sometimes this is not possible and much soul searching is required on our part to ensure that we Honour our Duty to ourselves as well as to others. 

A major task for us is to discover where our Duty lies in life as sincere spiritual people. 

It is probably clear by now that one important Duty is to follow a course of Right Action in all things, where humanly possible. This can sometimes be confusing as it is not always easy to determine the Right Action needed. Therefore our Duty is to do our best to discover what particular action is right and to follow it. 

By aligning ourselves with Justice and Cosmic Law we show our intention to follow that path of Right Action. With each success we have in this we build the Light of Our Spiritual Vehicles. That Light in turn shines as insight into the situations that face us which in turn assists us to determine Right Action.

We may find that as we go through life certain cultural duties may cause us to come into conflict with what we believe to be Right Action. Now we have a conflict of Duty and it is facing challenges like this that strengthen us in the Light. We may not always make the right choice and the flow on circumstances will show us one way or the other. The important thing is that we learn from the experience.

Sometimes we take on something that means we have duties to fulfill. We should not take on something unless we are prepared to fulfil those duties. At other times we find ourselves in positions where we have duties thrust upon us. In these cases we have a spiritual Duty to fulfil whatever is required of us or find a way to Honourably get out of it.