Gate 37, Hidden Path 5 Discernment flows between Conscience and The Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. The more knowledge we have and the more understanding of that knowledge we have the greater the light we can shine on any given situation. Without Light we cannot see and Discernment is casting the light of the mind on a situation to make all the parts show up in all their interconnectedness.

When we are revising the rules of our being we will use Discernment to show us what no longer works, what would or could work and so forth. 

We have placed a lot of emphasis on living in Innocence/Harmlessness. It is now time to look at this more closely. It is impossible to live in this material world without causing some harm at some times. Even if we became Vegans we would still have to harm plants in order to live. We have to harm what we call weeds so that the plants we need to eat can flourish. Sometimes we have to bring harm to a person who is harming innocents. To stand by and refuse to cause harm to end the suffering of innocents is not being harmless. We could come up with more examples but this is enough to prove the point.

In our many complex life situations we need to use our Discernment to help us to determine the course of least harm in each case. We may also have to consider which short term harm will have the best or least harmful long term result.

Quite often these life situations are very mentally and emotionally stressful. When we have developed the ability to dispassionately detach from people and/or situations, we are in a better state to use Discernment. 

There are other Spiritual Attributes that we would also use to determine right action. We are examining the Spiritual Attributes singly but they rarely work alone.