We have come to  Gate 24, Path 24  which flows between the Beauty of Integrity and the Victory of Serenity. The spiritual attribute of the 24th path is Creation and the intelligence is the Imaginative Intelligence. Its name is Fish and its crystal is Carnelian.

As spiritually advancing people we need to stop unconsciously creating the world we live in. Each person has a profound effect on their individual close environment. Many have a profound effect on the world at large. We know from our lesson on Innocence/Harmlessness how powerful our thoughts are. We often see the results of our words and actions. Mankind has shaped the world over thousands of years thus creating the world in which we are all currently living.

By actively and sincerely putting the spiritual attributes into practice we are creating a new reality for ourselves and that then has an on flow effect to the people in our lives and to our immediate environment.

Our greatest tool in creating a new reality is our imagination. Now for it to be an effective tool we need to be grounded. We should be Prudent and live within the limits of our physical world, the Earth. It is useless to imagine a world that defies physics. It is OK to have some fun escapism into fantasy realms as long as we know full well that it is fantasy and cannot prudently be transferred to our daily reality.

We can imagine the world the way we want it to be and if that imagining is within the limits of what is possible in our world then our next step is to find out what we can do to contribute to creating that ideal world of our imagination. It starts with each of us individually and in groups to make the changes that we can along the lines of Right Action.

This becomes our Service to the World. We can’t be involved in everything. Some will choose animal rights or wilderness conservation. There are the areas of medical science and the eradication of disease. We can get involved in education or counselling. There are too many areas to list. Depending on our life situations some of us can do no more than working on becoming a better person. That is just as important as any of the other things listed. In fact it is the most important thing of all.

If we can re-create ourselves into the best person we can imagine then we have helped to create a new humanity, a humanity that follows Right Action and rebuilds our world into one of Harmony and peace.