The next path to consider is Gate 2, Path 3 the Sanctifying Intelligence, which means to sanctify or make holy. Its name is Understanding and the spiritual attribute of the third path is Conscience. The crystal for Conscience is Pietersite.

Our Conscience reminds us of what is right and what is wrong.  As we were brought up by people who impressed their ideals and beliefs upon us, we most likely rarely questioned those beliefs because we trusted those people.  Our Conscience guided us to act upon what we were told.  

As we got older we probably decided to change some of our beliefs.  We used the Sanctifying Intelligence to make the rules of our own Justice system.  Our Conscience is activated to prompt us to abide by those rules we have sanctified.  For example, if we decide it is not right to act in anger but to use Dispassion our Conscience will remind us of this when we act in anger. It can also alert us at times when we are being less than Truly Humble, remind us to act in Innocence/Harmlessness and so forth.

Our Conscience is stronger when we agree with the rules we have to live by. As we grow in spiritual understanding we will make new rules for our being that supersede those instilled in us by our parents and others who influenced us as children. Of course we will continue to embrace many of the fine values that were instilled in us as we grew up. As discerning people we will come to realise which rules of life to keep and which ones to put aside while also making new ones to suit our evolving life situations. 

As our Selfworth increases we will see the ideas and concepts about ourselves that have been holding us back.

Of course we still have the free will as to whether to listen to our Conscience or not. We have to take responsibility for our own growth and happiness. Understanding how to use our Conscience as an aid to spiritual growth will help us to weed out those outmoded rules of our being and replace them with rules which are more appropriate to us as we grow spiritually stronger. Our Conscience will automatically adjust and guide us accordingly. It is up to us to listen to it.