We now come to Gate 4, Path 4. The spiritual attribute of path 4 is Compassion. The name of the Compassionate path is Mercy. The intelligence for this path is the Measuring, Cohesive or Receptacular Intelligence which is three acting as one and one acting as three. It receives measures and holds things together. The crystal of Compassion is Angelite.

Compassionate people are often merciful people. They are not always merciful though because sometimes people need to learn harsh lessons. What we often think of as Compassion is sympathy or pity and usually when we feel sympathy or pity we give, we are merciful even if it is not in that person’s best interest to be spared the Justice relevant to their actions.

Compassion is more than sympathy or pity. It has a measure of Unconditional Love within it. Most people don’t want our pity. They want us to see them, acknowledge their plight and assist them in some practical way. However some want us to fix things for them without taking any responsibility for their own actions.

Should we always be Compassionate? Yes, when we understand that Compassion does not mean always giving in to a person’s sad plight.  Feeling Compassionate towards others is positive. It is what our Compassion leads us to do that may cause problems. We could get very emotional and upset. That doesn’t help anyone. We may mistake feeling sorry for someone as Compassion and continually keep helping them out while they never learn to help themselves. It may be in the person’s best interest to learn to rely on their own devices in order to grow as a person. If we are Compassionate about this person reaching their full potential then it may be time to call on Dispassion so we can detach from our emotional involvement with them or the situation they are in. Then we may be able to step back and let them sort things out for themselves. 

Of course there are times when stepping back to let a person sink or swim will only lead to disaster. This is where we have to develop the ability to take the measure of a situation so we know whether helping in the short term is best or not at any given time. Discernment and Intuition are two Spiritual Attributes that can help us with this. We can come up with a prudent course of Right Action. 

We can end up resenting a person we originally felt sorry for because we now feel used. How much of this using is our own fault for allowing it to go on for so long? Then we may feel stupid for helping them and so forth. Look where this is going. Hopefully our Conscience is prompting us to forgive ourselves and this person. As we build up our own Selfwoth it becomes easier to realise when we are being used by someone and to stop it much earlier. 

Pity, sympathy and empathy are all connected to Compassion in that when we empathise with someone or some situation we may feel pity, we may sympathise with those involved or we may feel Compassion.