Now let us look at  Gate 42, Hidden Path 10  which is the spiritual attribute of Charity. Charity flows between Compassion and the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. 

We are all familiar with charitable organisations that give freely to people, animals and environments in need. They are born out of humanity’s growing development of the spiritual attribute of Charity.

It is our own developing Charity that causes us to give freely of our own time and money to worthwhile causes. Sometimes our Charity is not given without the promptings of our Conscience but the more we have this spiritual attribute of Charity developed within us the more automatic is our giving. It is then that it is our Compassion that prompts us to give freely rather than our Conscience.

It is at this point that we need to call on Justice/Dispassion to keep our giving to a level that does not deplete us. This is where we need to develop Charity towards ourselves. We tend to separate ourselves from the needy. Our needs do not seem to be as great as the needs of others. That may be true as some particular point in time and so we give of money, of time, of energy. This can lead to our depletion in these areas thus making us a burden on someone else’s Charity and unable to continue to be of assistance to those we want to help. If we consider our own needs alongside the needs of others we should be able to keep that necessary balance.

We should consider Charity of thought or opinion too. We may be giving assistance to the needy at the same time we are thinking that they are less than us in some way like less clean, less intelligent, less willing to help themselves. How can we know this? This form of Charity is probably the hardest one to attain. This is being Charitable in our opinion of others by not judging them. 

Perhaps you are thinking that Charity and Service are very similar. Both encourage helping others in positive ways. For us the difference is that Service is the activity while Charity towards others is what keeps us from judging those we provide the Service for and Charity to ourselves keeps us from overdoing things to our own detriment.