We have now arrived at Gate 30, Path 30 which flows between the Splendour of True Humility and the Foundation of Innocence/Harmlessness. The spiritual attribute of path 30 is Brotherhood, the intelligence is the Collective Intelligence and its name is Face. Brotherhood’s crystal is Chalcedony-Beings.

A Brotherhood is a collection of people of like minds or like beliefs and includes both male and female members. Spiritual Brotherhoods like the Great White Brotherhood or the Universal Brotherhood of Light are where people of like thought, aspirations and goals are drawn together to share their knowledge and learning. They collect together and collect others to them in order to share their knowledge and their experience. 

There is always a hierarchy in Brotherhood where those who have gone before, learned the lessons and gained the wisdom, serve at the top by spreading their light to those coming after them. Those at the top of a true Spiritual Hierarchy must have True Humility unlike material plane hierarchies within corporations, governments and religious institutions to name but a few.

A Brotherhood that we need to know about is the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet we call Earth. The Great White Brotherhood is one name for it. The Universal Brotherhood of Light is the collection of Spiritual Hierarchies from many planets in our Universe.

Only those with True Humility are admitted into the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Many spiritual aspirants are pupils of members of the Hierarchy long before they are themselves admitted.  We have no real control over our admittance to the Spiritual Hierarchy. When we have reached a certain point, the qualifying point, on our spiritual journey we are a member. We probably won’t be aware of this happening.

True members of the Spiritual Hierarchy usually rely on being recognised by their high vibration and the messages they bring rather than announcing who they are.

Those in the Spiritual Hierarchy also have that quality of Innocence/Harmlessness. The Brothers and Sisters of Light act and speak in harmlessness. Those members on the physical plane do slip up at times and do harm by thought, speech, or action. When it is brought to their attention, they do all that they can to correct it. 

Now we come to that great interconnected collection, humanity. As we walk the path of return we collect ourselves to ourselves. Smaller groups collecting into larger groups, larger groups collecting into larger, collecting into even larger until eventually we come back to that one pool of consciousness from which we first came.

Group work is an important part of the spiritual journey. There is only so much we can do in isolation. Sharing our experiences, asking questions and even grappling with the personality clashes in a group are valuable aids to spiritual growth.