We have arrived at  Gate 14, Path 14  which flows between the Wisdom of Forgiveness and the Understanding of Conscience. The spiritual attribute of path 14 is Bliss and the Intelligence is the Luminous Intelligence. Its name is Door. The crystal for Bliss is Emerald.

Now Bliss is an experience that we may had said we have experienced a few times in our lives. It would be that fleeting feeling of euphoria that never lasts for long because we soon come back down to earth into our daily concerns. This feeling of Bliss gives us an idea of what the spiritual attribute of Bliss is but it is much more than this. It really can’t be explained in normal earthly terms so in order to attain it we need to focus on some other attributes that we can more easily relate to. 

Remember how it felt when the weight of a guilty Conscience was lifted, when Forgiveness was sought and granted, long held hurts were finally let go. This is an insight into true Bliss and points the way to attaining it.

Immersing ourselves in negativity is a sure way to block the path to Bliss. Therefore working on ourselves and our environments to neutralise negativity and replace it with positivity keeps the path to Bliss open. Finding what it is that would bring lasting joy into our daily lives instead of fleeting happiness is another useful way to bring us to a state of Bliss. 

This often means letting go of those things that bring instant gratification but long term harm. Therefore while self-discipline often makes us think we are miserable this is a short term discomfort that can lead us to Bliss. 

Self-punishment and self-denial for their own sake are not going to lead us to a state of Bliss. We should only deny ourselves things and experiences that are harmful to ourselves and others. When we realise we have done something wrong we feel badly about it and make amends if we can. We have learned our lesson and therefore do not need to give ourselves extra punishment. Becoming a better person as a result of our experience is productive and positive.

We need to rethink Bliss so next time we indulge in our favourite food and think, “Ah, this is pure Bliss”, we should correct ourselves and replace the word Bliss with something else like “enjoyment”. As has been said in an earlier lesson, it is OK to indulge in our favourite things at appropriate times. We simply need to stop using the word Bliss in relation to these things because Bliss is state of being that means we have transcended all earthly pleasures and pain. When we reach that state we will have balanced all our karma, mastered all our earthly lessons and will no longer need to reincarnate on this earthly plane.