The Attainment of the Spiritual life and of the Authority of the Direction of Cosmic Energies and Forces

Everything we have studied in these lessons has led us to the time where we can discover a deep meaning within Gate 15, Path 15 which flows between the Wisdom of Forgiveness and the Beauty of Integrity. The spiritual attribute of path 15 is the Attainment of the Spiritual Life and of the Authority of the Direction of Cosmic Energies and Forces. The intelligence of path 15 is the Constituting Intelligence and its name is Window. The crystal for path 15 is Fluorite, particularly the purple/green mix as it shows the two levels of this path.

Those newly awakened to the spiritual path are strongly influenced by the Constituting Intelligence as it brings together that which is needed for them to Attain the Spiritual Life. We who are doing these lessons have already done that and are well on our way to attaining the second aspect of this path.

When we do any form of Energy Work be it healing or for manifestation we are directing the Intelligences which are the Cosmic Energies and Forces. Until we Attain the Authority to do this we are actually working under the Authority of our Guides and Spiritual Teachers. It seems like we are doing it and if we let our Egos get carried away with that idea we soon find that we are not progressing and may even be less effective than we were.

It is actually comforting to know that on our journey towards Attaining this Authority we have the privilege to work under those beings who can see the bigger picture and correct us when we misunderstand what is going on and what is required when healing or manifesting.

Now it is time for us to take on more responsibility for this work within our own beings initially and gradually outwardly in Service to others. Thus we need to consider the Intelligences that underlie the Spiritual Attributes as well as the attributes themselves.

We still have more spiritual attributes to study and thus more Intelligences to consider. These along with what we already have examined will give us all the tools we need to gain that Authority to Direct Cosmic Energies and Forces according to Right Action under our own guidance. We must remember that we are always part of a Team and even when we have the responsibility to make independent decisions about these Energies and Forces we do so within the security and Limitation (Prudence) of our Team.

Flowing between Forgiveness and Integrity is the safeguard to ensure that this Authority is never abused.