We now come to the spiritual attribute of  Gate 17, Path 17  which is At-One-Ment, the intelligence is the Disposing Intelligence and it flows between the Understanding of Conscience and the Beauty of Integrity.  Its name is Sword. The crystal for At-One-Ment is “Agate Caves” or Circular Banded Agate.

Achieving At-One-Ment with every aspect of our being means that our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects are in perfect balance and alignment. Also it means that our Soul and Personality are One, not two separate aspects of our existence. This is something that takes many lifetimes of effort to achieve. And now we have reached a lifetime where that effort becomes a conscious one.

It is our personality that so loves to overindulge our passions and appetites. Our Soul prompts us via our Conscience to Temper our indulgences. While our personality jumps to lash out at those who hurt us or those we care about, it is our Soul that encourages us to moderate those negative feelings so that we do not cause more harm in the world. Our Soul encourages us to act with the highest Integrity and our Conscience reminds us when we have done something that goes against that Integrity. 

Our aim is to gain that state of At-One-Ment so that our Conscience never needs to chastise us. Our personality or lower self becomes ONE with our Soul or Higher Self and from that point onwards we never ignore the promptings of our Conscience.

 Of course by this time we have modified the “Rules of Our Being” to the point where we can be assured that if our Conscience is prompting us to do or not do something then we can Trust that it is Prudent to follow it.

By working on attaining all of the Spiritual Attributes we are aligning our personality with our Soul and gradually giving over control from our lower aspect to our higher aspect. We need to be consciously aware of this so we can quicken the process. It has been a subconscious process for so long that progress has often been slowed down by our personality selves not realising how important self-discipline is. Now we can consciously work with our Soul to bring about that first level of At-One-Ment. Once our Soul and Personality are truly ONE we can work towards At-One-Ment with all Souls and finally with all of Creation.