Let’s look at Gate 45, Hidden Path 13, Allowance which flows between Conscience and Serenity. 

The ability to allow something or someone to be as is, even if we don’t approve of it, is an attribute well worth developing. Of course Allowance does not mean that we let everything, no matter if it is good or bad, to exist as it is. Allowance comes in when dealing with people and situations that annoy us or we disapprove of but when looked at dispassionately it should be obvious that there is no real harm being done. Maybe our Rules of Being are not being obeyed by others but as long as there is no real harm being done we should put our Ego aside and allow them to live by their Rules of Being. Our Conscience would remind us that we are not allowed to do this that they are doing but that person may live by different rules. We should allow them to live by their rules as long as no harm is done.

Sometimes we may be in a position where we have to allow someone to make their own mistakes as that is the only way they can learn. If we are honest with ourselves we would see that we had to be allowed to make those mistakes that we have learned from, so it is right to allow others to do the same. Perhaps we need to allow ourselves more freedom of expression in life and so this may be a good time for a review of those Rules of Our Being that we spoke of in the lesson on Conscience.

When we can detach from things that really don’t concern us, we can allow things to be as they are meant to be. If we use our Discernment and our Intuition to gain insight into a situation and can see that there is a good plan to it all then we can be Serene in the knowledge that things are working out to a plan and allow that plan to unfold. 

Serenity and Allowance feed each other. Which one comes first, the chicken or the egg? Does it matter? As long as we are working on both of these Spiritual Attributes as well as all the others we will end up in a much better place in our own lives and be better equipped to help others along the way.