Hand in hand with Allowance comes Gate 46, Hidden Path 14, Acceptance which flows between Forgiveness and True Humility. 

Quite often we have to allow something to be or to unfold before we can see what parts we can accept and what parts are unacceptable. That’s right, unacceptable because not everything has to be accepted by us.

If we don’t like something then perhaps we can change it. It may be a good idea to have a good look at why we don’t like it before we set out to make any changes though. Are we being realistic or expecting too much of ourselves and/or others or the situation? Dispassion, Intuition and Discernment are very useful tools here. If we can’t change something then we have to accept it the way it is and find a way to continue or a way around it. If we can change it then we have to work on the most effective ways to do it.

When it comes to Forgiveness we will usually have to accept that something has happened and we cannot change that. What happened may be an unacceptable thing but we must accept that it is done and cannot be undone. True Acceptance helps us to move on.

Often we find some people or situations to be unacceptable to us for various reasons. Are we assessing them from a place of True Humility or judging them from a place of arrogance? For various reasons we will often have to accept people for what they are. They live by different “Rules of Being” to us. We have to accept this but we don’t have to accept them as close friends.

Being able to accept the things we cannot change brings us closer to a state of Serenity. One of the hardest things for us who seek to be of Service to humanity in some way is to accept that we cannot help everyone in need. We have to accept that we can only do so much and it is up to others to contribute as well. That includes those who we seek to help. They have to accept certain aspects of their life process too and take on whatever part of the burden they can.