The Empress

11/11/2020 - All good things come to those who wait and the waiting is about to end in some significant way. Abundance in some form is on its way. For some it is already present and will grow over time.

05/09/2020 - Material abundance may be the focus at this time. For some it is issues with fertility that are coming up to be dealt with. Regardless of the outcomes things happening now can lead to better times if you embrace the flow of your life instead of fighting against it..

07/08/2020 - Someone close to you may need some nurturing at this time. Don't wait for them to ask for help. If you sense that they need you in some way just get in there and take care of it for them or with them.

02/06/2020 - Babies are coming into focus. Whether human, pet or plant some planning is required and a lot of nurturing is needed once you have them. Impulsive decisions may be regretted later on so take the time to be sure of what you want. This advice may be for you or you may find yourself giving this advice to someone.

11/04/2020 - Abundance is not always measured in material wealth. The love and support of friends, partners and family is worth more than money in the bank. Sharing and caring will bring such an abundance and build a strong foundation for a positive future.

23/01/2020 - Opportunities are flowing to you from various sources. You may not be able to take them all up so be discerning in what you choose as things happening now are setting the scene for future developments.

18/01/2020 - It's time to consider what type of abundance you want in life. Is it material possessions and money or is it an abundance of love that is most important? There is no right or wrong answer to this question as long as you are honest with yourself and not influenced by the opinions of others.

24/11/2019 - Abundance is not always measured in terms of money and material comfort. This is a time to focus on the non-material aspects of abundance that you have in your life or that you would like to have.  It is also a time to be realistic in what you can achieve so focus on what you can have, work towards gaining that and you never know, some of those seemingly unattainable things may materialise.

02/09/2019 - This is a time to nurture yourself in any way that you need to be nurtured. You may feel the need to nurture others and this is wonderful as long as this also nurtures you in some way.

28/05/2019 - Lady Luck is going to shine upon you. This may be in actual winnings of some kind or it is the beginning of that flow of abundance that you know should be yours.

07/02/2019 - So many things are starting to manifest for you that soon you will be feeling like all is as it should be. You will feel confident that problems that seemed insurmountable can now be solved and positive new beginnings are possible. 

10/11/2018 - Opportunities to make money and new friends are flowing to you. For some it is time to expand the family which can mean a new child or a pet.

29/10/2018 - Seemingly from out of nowhere something truly wonderful is going to happen to you or someone you care a lot about. The only way you can describe it is as a Blessing. 

09/06/2018 - Something you have been nurturing along either physically or within your deepest thoughts is about to manifest in ways that you never imagined possible. This may push you into unknown territory but keep calm and trust that you will know what to do and when to do it for the best outcome.  

12/05/2018 - All things feminine are coming to the fore. No matter whether you are male of female this card indicates that feminine energy is playing a significant role in your life for the next few weeks  

15/04/2018 - We are entering a time of great growth. The circumstances you are in or soon will be in are the perfect symbolic garden for you to thrive in. Now this does not mean it will be easy all the time. There will be challenges along with the rewards. It may be a time of great activity with periods of quiet in between. Use those quiet times to replenish for the action that will follow.  

29/03/2018 - Abundance in some form is on the way. For some it is in material things while for others it is in emotional or spiritual things. A fortunate few will have an all round abundance entering their lives for an extended period of time. 

16/02/2018 - Prosperity and abundance are coming to you. This may be in any level of your life. While you may feel that it is your due it is best to be thankful anyway and share your abundance with those around you if you can. This does not have to be materially but a smile or kind word may be all that someone needs to trigger their own flow of abundance.

16/11/2017 - Abundance and growth is coming to you. This may be financially or in the area of relationships. For some fortunate people it will be in all areas of life to some degree. It is time to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

03/06/2017 - The Empress is bestowing her blessings upon us so expect something nice to happen unexpectedly.

15/05/2017 - Many people have been going through a tough time emotionally, mentally and/or physically for a long time now. For some of these people it is time for this to come to an end and a period of prosperity is coming in. This can mean increased finances but also it can be mental and emotional well being. For others it means they are entering a nurturing period where taking on the responsibility of having children or pets is going to be a major focus.

10/02/2017 - For some people it is finally the time to sit back and let the rewards of hard work and patience come to you.

22/01/2017 - An oportunity to improve your life situation in some way is coming. It will mean having to do something that may be challenging. The rewards for your efforts should be substantial though.

24/08/2016 - Happiness can be yours. Sometimes the process of getting there takes a very long and painful time. For may people who have been struggling for a long time there is a positive change for the better on the horizon. This change or changes as the case my be have the potential to rewrite your life from what it has been to somewthing truly wonderful.

18/02/2016 - Prosperity can be yours. It may have to worked for, attitudes changed and even your concept of what prosperity actually means for you may need to be re-examined but life can definitely change for the better if you need it to.

16/02/2016 - Those couples who are working together in a battle of some kind can expect to get some help along the way to a successful outcome. This is making your relationship stronger so keep doing what you are doing in supporting each other. Singles should get a boost of some kind in an area of life that has been problematic for some time.

24/12/2015 - Growth in the garden often means having a good weed and prune so that new growth can flourish. It's time to put your own very real needs first and shed those people and things that are hindering your growth. If you know exactly what I mean then get working on an action plan and don't be afraid to implement it. For those who are already doing what they can this card is encouraging you to keep doing what you are doing as it is leading you to better circumstances.

12/09/2015 - Growth in many areas of life and moving on to new experiences, new people and new places is possible now. For some it will happen quite quickly while for others it will be a gradual change for the better. The prosperity coming may be in the richness of life rather than in material riches but an overall improvement materially is still expected.

23/05/2015 - Growth in all areas of life is indicated by this card today. For some of you it will be in several areas of your life while for others it will be in just one area. Also that growth could be preceded by events that you may consider to be the opposite of growth. In that case give it time and look for the potential for positive outcomes in the long term rather than the short term.

10/05/2015 - Abundance is all around you. Depending on your particular life situation this can be purely material/financial or it can be wealth within relationships, great satisfaction within your work, abundant opportunities for mental stimulation and expansions of consciousness.

22/04/2015 - Looks like you have built up some good Karma along the way and will be able to call it in just when you need it most.

12/04/2015 - Lady Luck is looking towards you in some area of your life. This can mean winning some money, getting a raise in pay, an inheritance coming to you, a debt being repaid and so forth. For some it is not monetary good fortune but some other thing that is very important to you starts to grow and bloom.

17/05/2014 - For those who have been brought low by financial problems this card shows that it is time for this period to end and a time of improved finances and greater confidence in the future to begin. You should see signs of this quite quickly. Any issues around children should be resolved soon too.