The Emperor

17/03/2921 - This is the time to decide who and what you want in your life moving forward. Initially don't worry about whether what you want is possible or not. That can come once you are very clear about what you want from the depth of your being. Once you know that then is the time to see what is realistically achievable and what has to be let go.

25/01/2021 - Dealing with authority figures or being the authority figure is something that is coming up for many people over the next few weeks. The thing to keep in mind is that anger and intolerance will only make things worse. 

17/01/2021 - Now may be a good time to make some definite plans for the future of something very close to your heart. Sufficient time has gone by for you to be sure of certain things so don't hesitate or doubt.

13/12/2020 - Keeping up appearances is not worth the effort. It is time to be honest about some situation, either to your self or to others. This will lead to a breakthrough that will work in your favour.

16/11/2020 - You may have a disagreement with an authority figure or you may be the one whose authority is challenged. Either way make sure of your facts before you take this too far as things may not be as clear cut as first thought.

29/10/2020 - Be firm and realistic in what you want from someone or from life in general. Opportunities for change, advancement and success are coming and this is important to ensure you make the most of what is on offer.

13/10/2020 - Don't let anyone lord it over you. This is a time where you are the best person to make decisions for yourself or someone you are responsible for. Trust your judgement and do not let the opinions of others cause you to doubt yourself.

24/06/2020 - Something is happening or about to happen which will give you more options to choose from in some situation. This will give you a say in what is to be included in something that is very important to you.

24/05/2020 - Stand up for yourself and what you believe is right. This is not the time to put up with overbearing people who are pushing their own agendas. You know what you want and what you deserve so don't let others make you doubt yourself. 

02/05/2020 - Some may be feeling limited in the choices that can be made at this time. Work with what is available to you now. You may still achieve those long term goals you have but the journey from here to there may have to be different to what you were hoping for.

14/12/2019 - Stand up for yourself and show people what you are made of. You will get the chance to give your input into something of great importance to you and others.

15/10/2019 - You may get the opportunity to have what you want in some situation. This is a time to reach out for what you want and to speak up so your voice is heard in some way.

10/10/2019 - Don't let someone control you. You have your life to live and what you want is just as important as anyone else's. Now is the time to assert your independence.

01/09/2019 - You may have the opportunity to make new friends or romantic partnerships. Remember that you are just as important as the other person in the relationship. If intuition is warning you of control issues or anything that would disrespect your boundaries then keep those people in your outer circle only. 

21/08/2019 - Speak up and let people know if they are overstepping your boundaries. You have the right to determine what and who you will allow into your personal space.

13/06/2019 - Just a reminder that setting boundaries and expecting them to be respected is wise in some area of your life. For some it is time to redefine those boundaries in light of recent developments.

21/05/2019 - You get a say in how things are going to be sorted out in some matter. You may have to make some decisions for this to be able to happen as you want it to.  

06/05/2019 - Don't forget that certain areas of your life are yours to control. You have the right to set limits, boundaries and rules and to have them respected.

22/04/2019 - It is time to step into your power in some way. You have more control over certain events in your life than you realise. Take stock of the situation and you will see something you you have been missing.

31/03/2019 - Don't focus on the things that you can't do anything about. Focus instead on those things in your life that you can have a positive influence on. Choose what you want when you can and don't lose sight of the fact that everything has a course to run and new beginnings come in their own good time.

10/03/2019 - It may be time to set some limits and put some rules in place. This may need to be done outwardly so that others are aware of this or it may only be necessary to set this for yourself and keep to it without telling others.

12/12/2018 - it is time to take charge of yourself or others, depending on your particular life circumstances. You will know what needs to be done but may find resistance from within yourself or from those who need your help.

24/11/2018 - Issues of authority are coming to the for. It may be that you have to assert your authority in some way. For some it will be feeling the brunt of authority in some way. How you handle this will determine the outcome of something significant.

21/07/2018 - it is important that you are very clear with yourself and others concerning what is acceptable to you otherwise someone is going to make assumptions that will lead to a misunderstanding.  This may only be a silly misunderstanding that is cleared up quickly but for some it could be more serious.  

10/07/2018 - A dominant male figure is about to show his true colours either willingly or inadvertently. This may be a pleasant surprise for many while for some it is rather confronting. Either way it is significant and may enable a moving forward in some way.  

22/06/2018 - Those who at some stage either gave away their power to someone else, knowingly or unknowingly, will soon get some kind of closure concerning this person or the situation in general.  

13/06/2018 - Much thought may be needed to work out the right mix for something very important to you and to others as well. This may see you in a position of authority where you need to take some responsibility for the direction that something needs to take. If this is a team effort then remain mindful that all team  members have a valuable role to play.

01/10/2017 - Just a reminder that there lies within your current circumstances the opportunity to make decisions about what you want in your life and what you do not want. You may not be able to snap your fingers and have it that way immediately. However, once you are clear about what you want/don't want then your own Soul can guide you in the ways to realistically bring it about. 

19/08/2017 - Now is the time to decide what direction you want your life to go in. Opportunities are coming and it is best to be clear about life and/or career goals so that there is no confusion or delay that might cause missed opportunities.

28/05/2017 - In some way it is time for you to decide what you want to include in some area of your life. This may be personal or professional. The opportunity is there or soon will be so you need to be very clear and realistic in what you want. Choose what is most important and go for it.

24/01/2017 - You may have to assert yourself with someone in order to get the result you want in some area. Those in the workforce may find that they are challenging authority in some way. Whatever you do here make sure you have all your facts and go about it in the right way. A very few will find that it is their authority that is being challenged. In that case don't simply react but find out what is behind it all.

01/09/2016 - Take the time to think about the direction you want your life to go in. Opportunities are coming that will help you to achieve what you want as long as you can recognise them when they appear. Knowing what you want, what you need and what is realistic to aim for means you will recognise them for what they are.

05/07/2016 - If you want to have some control of changes that are happening or are about to happen in the near future you should speak up and make your ideas and requirements known with the right people. Grumbling and complaining about it all to others who aren't involved in a useful way won't get you what you want.

23/04/2016 - Control issues are coming to the fore. This may have to do with managing people with control issues or it could be that you have to exert more self-control in some area of life. It can also be that you will need to encourage someone close to you to make an effort to develop self-control. None of this is going to be easy but it will be worth all the effort you put in to it.

15/11/2015 - You are the one who can decide what and who is welcome in your life and what and who should not be a part of it. Making those decisions is not always easy and implementing it can be even harder. Don't let that stop you. If it is worth having then it is worth doing the hard work for it.

10/11/2015 - You may find yourself looking at where your life is heading and thinking about any changes you would like to make or what is needed for the outcome you hope for. You may have to make some adjustments or give something up that is not as important as you think it is. If you can be flexible you should be able to get a good outcome.

07/09/2015 - It is time to free yourself from the shackles of the past; those outmoded ideas you have about what you should be and what you need to make you happy. You can carve a new path forward as long as you are prepared to see yourself in a new light and to value what you see. Don't keep looking at yourself through the clouded eyes of other people.

31/07/2015 - You may find yourself planning something and paying particular attention to all the various aspects that need to come together for a successful outcome. This could be as simple as a party or all the way to the complexity of a major life change.

08/02/2015 - You may come up against someone who tries to "lord it over you". They may be quite subtle about how they do this and so you might find yourself going along with them against your better judgement. If it doesn't feel right then stop. They may not back down easily so don't be "brow beaten".

29/12/2014 - It may be time to take charge of some situation. It may be your own behaviour or mindset that has wandered off track or it may be that of others in your life. This is not a time to stick your head in the sand. You may not want to see what you need to see, but if you look honestly you will see what you can do to bring things back on track.

04/12/2014 - Now is a good time to think about the things you like about your life and the things you wish were different. When it comes to the things you like you may want to check to see if you are doing your bit to maintain them where necessary. With the things you wish were different you could examine each one individually to see if there is anything you can do to change it for the better. If there isn't then it is time for acceptance. If there is then it is time to do what you need to do.