Earthbound Souls

by A Member of the Council of Love and Light

Most people go into the Light when they pass over and are allowed to communicate with the living and to give comfort and assistance to loved ones from within the light. This is a natural process and part of the cycle of life and so called death. Sometimes a soul does not go into the light when he or she passes over. We refer to these souls as earthbound. This often happens when death is sudden and unexpected. It can also be because of their own free will although they may not realise that they are making a free will decision to remain earthbound. Their own belief system and fear has a lot to do with it. Fear is often part of a belief system.

Some remain bound to the earth because they cling to the physical life. They have no desire for the spiritual things in life because they only want the physical and the pleasures of the flesh. When the light appears to them on death they are not interested in entering in. They may want to stay and see if they can meddle in the lives of those who remain. After a time these souls generally develop some skill in affecting the physical by making their presence felt in some way and that gives them a sense of importance and a sense of power which they cling to. Then they are even less likely to go into the light. The light does come. They are not left alone or abandoned because at regular intervals the light comes to them and invites them to enter in but many cling to the life that they are living as an earthbound soul. They do not see that if they go into the light then they will progress on to something better. They are actually satisfied to haunt.

It is difficult to move these souls on. Many eventually tire of their existence, get bored with their haunting and do go in to the light even if it is after several hundred years. They learn a valuable lesson from that. When they do enter the light they get to see over the life that they had previous to their passing and then all of the time that they have wasted. When they see people who were their contemporaries and see them now progressed further along the path of evolution than they themselves are they realise that it was not a wise decision to remain earthbound. They never make that decision again, so therefore they have learned a valuable lesson even though it took a long time.

For those who continually refuse to go into the light eventually someone comes to teach them, to show them, to lead them into it. It is not right that a soul be left even though it has free will to stagnate, because that holds the whole race back eventually. That whole group soul that has individualised is held back by those who do not move on. After a certain time measures are taken to bring the light to these souls. It actually encompasses them. Once it encompasses them they freely choose to stay within it, so it is not going against free will because it just comes down over them and does nothing. They choose to remain within it.

You have those who are frightened to go into the light, who long to leave their stagnant position but are frightened of what awaits them. It may be that they have wronged in their life and feel that the hellfire will be waiting for them or perhaps they were simply convinced that no matter what they did in life they were sinful and that hellfire would await them.

There are many reasons, fear of the unknown or fear that when they go in they will be nothing, whereas at least where they are they still have a sense of self. They are afraid they will lose that. The angels come to comfort them, to try to show them that there is nothing to fear. Sometimes even loved ones from their lives, friends or someone they respect in authority, comes to them from the other side to help them and lead them through. This is often very successful.

Of course there is the work that living people do to assist earthbound souls into the light. That is often very successful for sometimes they will listen to someone in the physical more than to someone in spirit.

Some of you may be wondering if one earthbound soul can keep another departed soul earthbound as well. The simple answer is, yes. If one was dominant and the other submissive in life and they both find themselves at the same time passed over then the dominant one, if the dominant one chooses to stay, can cause a submissive to stay because the relationship still continues. Sometimes a soul chooses to stay earthbound with another and is actually trying to coax the other one to move on and stays out of love for that one.

Some earthbound souls re-live their death over and over again. This is simply a psychological thing. It is usually a violent death, a murder or accident and they feel that something has been taken from them and they cannot move on. They still have the psychology of the living physical human, and just as a living physical human re-lives a traumatic experience over and over again, this they do. The angels come to these people and try to draw them away and very quickly the light is brought to envelop these people because it is very hard for them to make a free choice to move on. It is like they can’t make that choice sometimes because the trauma of their passing is so great.

You will have the odd one who actually relishes their misery and does choose to re-live the horror. This type has a victim mentality and wants to be seen as “poor me”, but what they don’t seem to realise is that where they are there is no-one there to say “poor you”. They can see people grieving for them and people saying “poor such and such, what a terrible injustice” and they seem to feed off that. These souls need time to become bored with that situation and to learn that there is really no value in being the centre of attention in such a way.

There are also those who will stay because they see their loved ones grieving and don’t want to leave them in that grief. Sometimes one who loves will wait until the other partner passes on and they will go into the light together. There are quite a number of reasons for earthbound souls and I have not touched upon them all.

I give you this information so that you know you have choices in life and in death too. After all is said and done, all is life.

First published in 2005 by the Golden Eagles