The Devil

11/03/2021 - Materially you may not be able to do things the way you want to right now. For some this is just temporary and things will change for the better soon. Others may need to let go and rethink certain things so that a new and different direction can unfold. Look carefully at the signs that are all around you as they are showing you which of these situations is yours.

02/01/2021 - Some are being given the chance to untangle themselves from a situation. It may not be easy to do but if it is something you want to achieve then take the opportunity when it comes to you. It won't be as difficult or as bad as you imagine.

16/05/2020 - Current events are showing us all just how materialistic we are. Do not judge yourself or others harshly. Materialism has been the way of the world for centuries. Much of it is good. Some of it is not. We all have the opportunity now to make some changes to the way we look at our possessions. Do they hold us prisoner in some way or do they set us free?

13/01/2020 - This is not a time to let material possessions be the major deciding point in some important life matter. The current life lesson for some may be about the negative side of possessions. Possessions have their value and are a good thing to have when they enhance the quality of life. However, material possessions cannot love you no matter how much you love them.

10/05/2019 - Something you felt tied to or obligated to is now changing which will see you in a better position to organise your life to suit your needs.

13/03/2019 - This is a time to allow yourself some indulgences. As long as you don't go overboard you will absorb any possible negative effects.

15/02/2019 - it really is time to let go of those things, ideas, attitudes or even people who are holding you back from achieving your full potential.

22/12/2018 - Are you placing too much value on outward appearances and what others think about you? True happiness may be within your grasp as long as you can focus on where true value lies in your current circumstances.

20/11/2018 - Letting go of the things that are binding you to a way of life that is not fulfilling can be hard. No one can let go for you. This is something you have to see and do for yourself. Don't hide from what is staring you in the face.

19/07/2018 - It is time to identify what is holding you back in life. This may be limiting ideas about what life should be rather than what it can be. This is a time where flexible thinking and the ability to adapt to new circumstances will pay off. Some will need to push their boundaries to the limits which will lead to some surprisingly good results.   

11/01/2018 - For many it is time to let go of long held ideas about what a good relationship should be. These ideas have bound you to concepts that have limited your potential for happiness. Open your heart and mind to new ideas about romance and lasting relationships, even friendships. For others this is suggesting you become more creative and open to new ideas within existing relationships.

03/12/2017 - Finally those ties that are binding you to a past association are ready to come loose and fall away entirely. This will leave you with a feeling of relief and hope for a better future.

14/06/2017 - If you are feeling limited by financial restrictions or some other physical limitation then it is time to become creative in your thinking. You may not be able to do what you most want to do but there are things that can be done within the restrictions. It may be that this is a life lesson and once you have made some changes to your expectations and learned all you can from this situation you will be freed from it.

08/03/2017 - If you are in a situation where you have to make some important and possibly life changing decisions make sure that you base those final decisions on what is best for you emotionally and mentally rather than on purely materialistic considerations.

20/01/2017 - The Devil is in the detail, so they say. In this case it means that it is possible to miss something important by not paying proper attention to something. Opportunities coming to you need to be investigated thoroughly as some are not what they seem and others will be brilliant if you negotiate some aspects before accepting.

25/07/2016 - Expect movement in some situation that you have been tied to for a while now. Whatever happens it will lead to something new.

28/06/2016 - Don't let material things get in the way of progress in your life. Sometimes it is necessary to go without some material things in order to move forward into a place of happiness.

12/04/2016 - It's time to let go of all those things that are tying you to an old way of life that no longer brings you happiness and fulfilment. Have a good and deep look into all aspects of life so that you don't miss seeing those very things you need to.

15/02/2016 - Don't let material things weigh heavily upon you and hold you back from finding contentment with your place in life. Take care of your material needs and restrict your wants to those things that you can have without taking on the burden of worry. These very wants or the burdens you have taken on to attain them may be exactly what is holding you back from happiness. Time to take stock of your life and really see what is valuable.

12/12/2015 - Many of the things that are holding you back from achieving your life's goals are changing in various ways so that you should see your way forward in some areas soon. For some things will just move without you doing anything while for others it will require some decisions and actions.

01/11/2015 - If you are feeling that the flow of your life has become sluggish or even blocked it may be useful to look at how attached you are to the material things that are in your life. Letting go of the need to have so much "stuff" will free up energy and also make room in your life for new and interesting things that may not be material but are very fulfilling.

28/09/2015 - Don't let material things hold you back from making those changes that will benefit your emotional and mental wellbeing. You may need to reallocate your material resources so that those things that are beneficial to your wellbeing have top priority. Focus on real needs and not on "wants".

12/07/2015 - It may be that your physical situation be it health or living arrangements, will make life difficult for awhile. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and there should be some interesting opportunities and bright spots entering your life over the next few weeks followed by a more lasting change for the better.

04/10/2014 - Don't let purely materialistic considerations hold you back from experiencing some challenging and possibly quite emotionally charged life experiences. Sometimes you have to take a chance on getting hurt in order to get that which will make you happy, secure and at peace.