28/03/2021 - Something is ending or you are just realising that something ended awhile ago and it is only now that you realise it fully or are willing to accept it. For some it is a time of grieving while others are experiencing relief that a burden of some kind has been lifted. It may be a bit of both.

20/09/2020 - If you are sensing that something is coming to an end then don't stick your head in the sand, so to speak. This is the time to be aware of any changes, good or bad, and make the most of current events in your life and in the world around you. Timely action can bring about positive outcomes.

09/05/2020 - For some it is a way of life that is coming to an end. No matter how hard it is to accept this ending time will indeed lead you on to something equally as good as what you lost or better than what you are leaving behind.

01/05/2020 - So many endings all converging on this time in order to free up the energy to allow people the opportunity to make some brave, exciting and challenging decisions. However this is playing out for you, it is a time holding many possibilities for positive growth even if t means giving up something for a time to allow something better to come along later.

08/03/2020 - In order to have a new beginning something has to end. For some people this is a major ending leading to a new beginning that may have some uncertainties about it. Trust that all will be well in the end. Others are experiencing a gradual ending that is overlapping with a new beginning. 

04/03/2020 - If it's over then let it go. Hanging on to something that isn't working only prolongs the tension and uncertainty. For some a new beginning is possible as long as you do things differently this time.

22/12/2019 - Something is well and truly over. Now this may be cause for celebration in that the ending is freeing you up for a wonderful new beginning after a tough time. For some it may be a time of sadness but it still means a new beginning can and will materialise. 

11/12/2019 - Major change is coming for a lot of people. If it doesn't affect you directly then you may find that you are some way caught up in the life changes of others. If you are ok with this then go with it but if not then this may be a time to make a stand for yourself.

25/11/2019 - Big changes for some people. In rare cases it will be the death of a loved one or pet but for most it will be the death of something that is no longer practical in your life. Which ever it is this is a time to honour the cycles of life, go with the flow, face the hard things and discover the strength that you have deep within you.

11/11/2019 - While this card can refer to actual death it most often refers to major and sometimes painful change. It can also mean a release from suffering. You will know what this means for you if you read this message. Of course this card has come up on the day that we remember all those who died so that we could be free. 

18/07/2019 - When Death comes symbolically calling hand over all those attitudes and mindsets that hold you back from becoming the successful and fulfilled person you know you can be.

16/06/2019 - Actions and decisions of the past are coming forward demanding to be recognised and paid for. Depending on what it is this can be a happy time or the opposite. Whichever it is, what happens is what is meant to be.

08/05/2019 - It is time to acknowledge that something has died. This may be letting go a of person or pet who has died. It can also be a relationship that can not be saved or revived, or a job or career. For some it is an aspect of themselves that they are better off having moved on from. Whatever it is there is an emotional response that must be experienced in order for new life to begin.

19/01/2019 - You may be at some stage of a grieving process for something or someone you lost. Even if you thought it was all behind you events now may trigger something that brings it up again. This is an opportunity to process what has come up. Eventually it will all be behind you.

04/06/2017 - This card signifies an ending. The indications are that this ending is one that will bring a release from stress and unhappiness. However it comes about just know that what is happening now in your life is part of this process leading to something better.

21/02/2017 - Life is undergoing change. For some it is only minor at this time but for a lot of us it is quite significant to major changes developing now. It is time for some old ways to fall away leaving room for new things to develop. Let go of what must pass away so you can get excited about what is coming to you.

08/12/2016 - Now is a good time to finally let go of those things and people you are hanging on to for no good reason. Free up some energy to let new people and new experiences into your life. Death is but a transition from one state to another and so make that transition into a new state of success and contentment.

27/05/2016 - New life, new opportunities and the potential to reinvent yourself are all possible if you let go of those aspects of your life and your self that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in old ways that need to give way to the new.

07/01/2016 - A timely reminder for some that in order to move forward and claim happiness it is necessary to fight off the attachments to those things and situations that have now no life left in them for you. Allow yourself to grieve if necessary but not for long as there is so much life waiting to be claimed.

16/11/2015 - Whether close to you or at a distance the subject of death has come into focus. For some it is simply reacting to the things that are happening in the world at an alarmingly regular rate. Even if it doesn't afffect you directly it would cause you to more greatly value the life you have and the people in it. For some it is more  personal at this time whether it be a recent passing of a loved one or the anniversary of such an event. Whichever it is the message of importance here is to celebrate life, engage in every part of your life, even the not so good because it is all of value and much is to be gained as a person of strength.

22/08/2015 - If you are going through a time of great change in your life you will find that some things just have to pass away. Things that worked for you before may make life difficult now so new ways of doing things, new thinking patterns, new rules, new goals and so forth are needed to bring about new life out of the old.

01/07/2015 - Do you want to totally transform yourself or your life? Perhaps you would like only a partial transformation. Whatever it is this card is saying that you can do it as long as you are prepared to let go of the things that are holding you back. It is too easy to just say that you will. That is not enough. If you are serious you have to allow certain aspects of yourself or your life to "die". Some of this is symbolic but some of it must actually pass away in order for the new you or the new life to grow out of the old. It won't be easy but it is possible. Some of you are already doing it.

04/04/2015 - You may find yourself saying "goodbye" to someone, something or some situation. There is an ending of some kind which also means a new beginning. The circumstances of this will vary according to individuals. Letting go is not always easy to do so allow yourself the time and space that you need.

25/12/2014 - At this time of the year as 2014 is almost over and 2015 is about to begin we often think of our loved ones who have passed over into Spirit. They are with us when we think of them even if we aren't aware of it. Next time you think you imagined that you felt their presence or saw a sign from them, allow yourself to believe it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Little by little you can reconnect. It is not the same as being here in the flesh but it can be a beautiful and life affirming experience in so many ways.

05/08/2014 - It is time to embrace change even if you don't particularly want anything to change. In some cases the change needs to be in an attitude, outlook or opinion. Making the needed changes within oneself has the potential to prevent unwanted changes from occuring. At the very least it makes adapting to unavoidable changes less painful.