Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra  is known as the Thousand Petaled Lotus and is situated on top of your head. Within this Chakra is a correspondence to all the other Chakras. As individual Chakras awaken to their full functioning the corresponding petals in the Crown awaken. When all the petals within the Crown are fully awakened and fully functioning you have a Master in physical form. This person will not have to reincarnate on the physical plane again unless by choice.

Once the petals in the Crown corresponding to the other Chakras are partially active they have an effect on their particular Chakra. Thus the awakening is quickened. Also as the Crown petals develop your ability to function in the Higher Realms develops accordingly. While you can't force these petals to awaken you can nurture the process by assisting the Crown to function in a balanced, harmonious and rightful manner. A very useful crystal to facilitate this process is the Keystone for Serenity, Amethyst.


You can do this exercise whenever you like. It is also very good to do if you have too much activity going on in your Crown Chakra. This happens sometimes after doing a meditation.

Simply hold a tumbled Amethyst in your hand while affirming three times - calm, balance, harmony, right flow, protection at all levels .

  1. Sit down comfortably and place the stone on top of your head.
  2. Ask your Guides and Guardian Angles to surround you with their loving protection.
  3. Ask the Highest Good in the Universe to help you.
  4. Focus on your Crown Chakra and visualise a flower with many petals, more than you can count.
  5. See all those petals moving as if they are being blown by the wind.
  6. Now see them slowing down so that the movement is gentle and soothing. Keep seeing and feeling them like this until you feel at peace with yourself.

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