The Chariot

06/04/2021 - The opportunity to take control or take back control of something is coming to you. It may take you by surprise but follow that first impulse to grab hold and make an impact. It will pay off in your favour.

24/01/2021 - Managing several things at once may at first be a challenge but those who are facing this will soon find an order appearing out of the chaos and a new rhythm in life takes you in a steady and productive direction.

12/01/2021 - Matters that have been running out of control are settling down into manageable situations. Roles and responsibilities may have changed which can mean a period of adaptation is required before things settle down and good progress can be made.

09/12/2020 - It's time to let go of tight control of something. A situation needs room for some random action. Other people have some good ideas or suggestions that may help to bring order into a situation. Do not rely only upon yourself for the answers.

11/07/2020 - Don't keep too tight a control on some aspect of your life that is starting to move forward. You need to allow for an element of spontaneity. While it may seem like things are happening out of control this is necessary to bring about the order in your life that you want or need. 

08/06/2020 - Gaining control or regaining control of a situation is now possible for many. Whatever is currently going on it can be helped along by compromise and working amicably together.

26/05/2020 - Sometimes we just have to accept that there are some things we can't control. Tolerance, acceptance and patience will allow matters to progress to the best outcome possible for all concerned.

21/03/2020 - Life may have been thrown out of kilter for a while but now things are shaping up to bring balance, calm and direction back into your life. Those who feel they have been at the mercy of other people's decisions should now see a change in this dynamic where they now have more say in the decisions made.

27/12/2019 - Are you the impulsive one or is it someone else close to you? Someone needs to think something through to the consequences before they act or at least take responsibility for those consequences when they eventuate. For some there are major control issues causing discontent. Standing up for yourself or allowing others to make their own decisions is what needs to be done.

31/10/2019 - Issues of control are coming to the for. Some need to let go and let things flow as they will while others need to step up and take control of something.

14/06/2019 - Slowing one thing down while speeding another up is going to be be challenging but something that you certainly can do and will get good results from.

02/06/2019 - Sharing control of something may be the way to move forward in some area. This may take a bit of trial and error before getting the balance right but it is possible to bring about a harmonious outcome.

02/05/2019 - You may find yourself in a tussle with someone who still thinks they have some control over you or who is trying to establish some control over you. Stand firm and they will get the message you now want to give.

30/03/2019 - You may find that you are torn in two directions or that two things require your attention equally. This may stretch you somewhat but right now this is how it is.Put other things and people on hold so that you can do what you need to do at this time.

16/11/2018 - New life and new challenges make it hard to keep everything running smoothly so stop trying to do so. Much will take care of itself as long as you focus on the most important aspects of any situation and put your efforts into that. The rest will follow along accordingly.

21/10/2018 - it's time to rein something or someone in. Setting boundaries and keeping to them is the challenge. This may be for yourself or it could be that you have to do it for another. Firm but fair with yourself and others is the wise way forward.

03/06/2018 - Life is about to take you into places where you will make the connections you need to successfully forge a solid foundation for the future.  

02/03/2018 - Those who have felt that life is out of control or that they have lost control in some area should now begin to see some changes that bring that control back to you in some way.  

 20/02/2018 - it is wonderful when a plan comes together and/or goals are reached. Control of some kind is being given to you. Use it wisely.

09/02/2018 - If you have been feeling a bit out of whack lately then things happening now or very soon should make you feel good again.

02/10/2017 - Remember to stand up for yourself and regain or maintain control of the direction your life is heading. If it is not going where you want it then take the time to work out what direction you want it to take. Then have the courage to make the necessary sacrifices and put in the necessary effort and you will get some good results.

27/03/2017 - Events now in your life are giving you back some control that you had unknowingly given over to others. While it might be a bit of a roller coaster ride where you end up will be in a much better place than when you started. For some the message it that you need to take control in some situation.

16/03/2017 - It looks like you are gaining control of something or whatever is happening now is leading you to that.

12/01/2017 - Over the next few weeks the need to take control of something, or in some cases several things, will arise. Don't hold back and don't be concerned about treading on someone's toes, so to speak. If they are not doing it someone has to or the situation will get out of hand. In among all of this you may also need some self-control with your words, thoughts or deeds.

05/08/2016 - Opportunities for you to take control of something are coming. Some of you will welcome this and go with it to a positive outcome. Others may be unsure about taking something on. In this case give yourself time to explore your options and be true to yourself.

21/05/2016 - You need to take some control in matters concerning you or someone you love. Have a good hard look at the situation and work out what is best. Then put things in place to make sure that things flow in the way you have determined that they should. If you take control like this you will save yourself and others a lot of trouble down the track. This is not a time to just let things flow as they will.

20/04/2016 - Ah, that wonderful feeling of having everything under control and running smoothly. That is the energy of this card today so if things have been a bit chaotic then rest assured, a relaxing and satisfying time is just round the corner.

06/12/2015 - When it come to finances it is important to keep things under control relevant to your individual situation. Most people have the opportunity to make some improvements to their financial situation over the coming months. It may mean being strict with yourself and those who depend on you financially. Sometimes it is hard to say no but a bit of discipline now will pay off later on. If a windfall comes your way then use it wisely.

05/11/2015 - Don't look back at what might have been. Let go of any need to see the people you feel have hurt you be hurt in return. Allow life to take care of that for you. Treat others as you would have them treat you and many blessings will come your way. The next few weeks will see a lot of things being balanced and opportunities to make things right will come to you.

29/10/2015 - You should get good results with something that is important to your new life as you want it to be. You need to be in control of this process to ensure that it gets done in the way that will ensure the end result is what will make you happy in the long term. You may need to be patient as it may take awhile to bring all the components together. It will be worth it.

01/06/2015 - Don't give up that hard won control of your life to another person. This may only be in one area or it could be more, depending on your circumstances. Keep in mind how valuable you are and expect to be treated accordingly.

08/04/2015 - Those darn control issues look like getting in the way of smooth relationships. This may be your control issues of those of someone else. If it is both then there really will be some friction. Might be time to step back and take a long, hard and honest look to see where there can be some give and take and letting go or at least loosening the reins a bit.

02/04/2015 - Life may be taking you into uncharted territory. This may be in the area of relationships, worklife or some other aspect of your life. Many of you will be quite excited about this and so you should be. Even if it is a bit daunting you are going to learn a lot and some of you will be able to let some fears go.

14/02/2015 - Sometimes the only way you can be in control of your life is to separate those things you do have control over from those things that you don't. It can be hard to distinguish which is which sometimes and also hard to accept. However by choosing to accept that you cannot control some things and focus on those you can, you take control of your life at a different level. Looking at your current situation in this way just may assist some of you at this time.

02/01/2015 - There may be a need for some self control in some area of your life. It may be to do with a health issue and in that case making that extra effort should get you the outcome you want. For some it is in the area of the emotions. It may be hard but you can keep your cool when you know how important it is to set a good example for those close at hand.

01/10/2014 - Sometimes the only way to be in control is to let go of trying to control things and just go with the flow. This flow is taking you into a new phase of life where a lot of things will be very different.