Brow or Third Eye Chakra

 The Brow Chakra sits in between and just above the eyes. It is the Third Eye Chakra and is your window into other worlds. This Chakra controls the ability of clairvoyance. Now for some people this means seeing things exactly as they are or will be. Some interpretation of what is seen is sometimes required. For others it can be seeing things that are symbolic and always have to be interpreted. A well developed Throat Chakra assists with accurate interpretations in both cases. There are other variations on "seeing" as well.

A very useful crystal to awaken the Third Eye is the Keystone for Illumination, Sodalite.


You can do this exercise as much as you like. Allow your intuition to tell you when to do it, for how long and how often.

Simply hold a tumbled Sodalite stone (the bluer the better) in your hand while affirming three times - balance, harmony, right flow, right awakening.

  1. Lie back or lie down and place the stone on your Third Eye area.
  2. Ask your Guides and Guardian Angles to surround you with their loving protection.
  3. Ask the Highest Good in the Universe to help you.
  4. Look inside your head, at the screen of your mind and allow the shapes to form.
  5. Don't force anything. It may be foggy, colourful, colourless for awhile. It may take many attempts before you see something significant.
  6. If you don't see anything after five to ten minutes give it up for that session.

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