Base or Root Chakra


The Base or Root Chakra sits at the very base of the spine and is the seat of the Kundalini Energy. As you progress with your spiritual awakening this energy that is coiled like a snake in the Base Chakra will rise and gently burn through the protective sheath around the Base Chakra. Then it is free to rise to the next Chakra and so on up the spine until it reaches the Crown Chakra.

This is a process that should be left to your Higher Self to control. An attempt to raise the Kundalini energy prematurely can lead to serious damage to the Chakras. This in turn can lead to physical, emotional and/or mental illness.

You can focus on balancing your Chakras, bringing them into a harmonious relationship with each other. Removing blockages from your Chakras is also beneficial. Making every effort to lead a spiritually good life does more than most people realise. These are all activities that automatically and gently allow the Kundalini to rise as you individually need it to.

A very useful crystal to assist the natural flow of Kundalini energy is the Keystone for Spiritual Strength, Red Garnet.


Ten to fifteen minutes sitting with a small piece of red Garnet in you lap can be of assistance to bring balance, harmony and right flow to this centre.

  1. Simply hold the Garnet in your hand while affirming three times - balance, harmony, right flow.
  2. Then place the Garnet in your lap while reading a book, watching TV or whatever will ensure that you are NOT focusing on your Base Chakra.

Ten to fifteen minutes at a time, once a day for five days should be enough. You can repeat this five day process each month if you feel the need.

Because the Base Chakra is related to all things physical this exercise may be beneficial to those suffering with a physical illness.

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