by A Member of the Council of Love and Light

 Certainly it is very hard to explain the unexplainable. You can only look at things from a third dimensional viewpoint of time and space of location. There is no possible way that you can conceive of what it is like in other dimensions. There is no possible way to explain it to you. That is why there are different explanations channelled through different people as we try very hard to give some sort of understandable picture of what Ascension is. Even in meditation you glimpse but an incomplete and mistranslated impression.

People find it hard to conceive of some place being "no place". Place of location and time are a part of your limited material world and have no place at the more insubstantial levels yet you need to assocoate time and place to states of existence in order to comprehend them.

There are many things that we have tried to tell you about what is going to happen to your world as a part of the process of the rebirth of this planet and of the process of Ascension.

We know that we must give words, we must make some attempt at an explanation. For human nature will not accept "no explanation". People will simply brush it off as being a fantasy, a lie, unless there is some scenario that they can go over in their mind that makes sense to them. There is truth in the stories that are circulating about what is going to happen but there is a problem. We are relying on the concepts of this world to describe states of consciousness beyond this earthly realm and must use language that is not completely suitable.

We ask you to look behind the words to see the thread, ascension, transformation, renewal, universal peace, galactic brotherhood, things of that nature. Go with your intuition of what’s right for you at that time and give yourself permission to let go of those ideas later on if you feel you have outgrown them. It is best to keep an open mind and work on self-mastery and finding service where you are situated in life.

There are many dimensions, some of which you will ascend into at your given time. Know that life in this limited world is but a stepping stone to the limitless interconnectedness of all creation.

First published in 1998 by The Golden Eagles