Ace of Wands

16/03/2021 - Creating new beginnings in relationships and careers is in focus. This may be within existing situations or creating something new. It can also apply to creating a family.

12/02/2021 - Opportunities to start new jobs are coming around for many. Those who have recently begun new jobs should find that things are improving in some way. This could be due to better working conditions and better pay but is not limited to this.There can also be improvements within a long standing working environment.

15/11/2020 - It's time to grow something new. This may be actual plants in gardens or pots but more likely new hobbies, new friendships, new jobs, new ways to looking at life etc. Anything that helps you to grow as a person is important at this time.

05/06/2020 - New beginnings and creative changes within the workplace for many. Others will find creative solutions to difficult situations. New starts and restarts are becoming possible.

26/01/2020 - That creative flow that may have been blocked lately is about to start up again. Expect to be flooded with ideas and enthusiasm for some new projects. Some will get the chance to show people what they are really capable of.

08/10/2019 - The opportunity for a new beginning in some way, large or small, is being offered to you. For some it is very obvious while others need to look for it in some way. Don't dismiss any opportunity or solution lightly at this time. You may dismiss it after careful consideration or you may see something not obvious at first.

19/06/2019 - For those who have done a lot of inner work and have been going through a time of change, this is when that something that you need to bring things to a time of peace, contentment and positive growth is beginning to manifest.

07/05/2019 - Some creative new ideas are coming to you. You will be excited by some of them and will find the time and energy to develop those.

21/04/2019 - Just go for it now. All blocks are gone so reach out and take what you want.

08/04/2019 - Fresh ideas, new perspectives, new people and new places are all possibilities in the coming weeks. 

03/12/2018 - There are new energies in the mix now so that means things that were unavailable to you previously are now available in some way that you can make use of. You may have to be creative with your approach to something but in the end you will get your good result.

05/09/2018 - This one is particularly for all those who are contemplating a career change or actually involved in one. Things will start moving for you very soon. Opportunities will come so be looking for them as the best ones may come in strange shapes. Generally speaking there is a lot of creative energy around so it is a good time to make use of it in some way.

23/08/2018 - To get something moving in the right direction you may need to be quite creative with your ideas. Don't automatically dismiss an idea or plan because it is not what you normally would do. This may be a time to be different.

17/08/2018 - A new wave of creativity is about to come in with quite some force. Even those who don't consider themselves to be creative will be inspired to create something and many people will start on new hobbies and even career paths.

22/07/2018 - A new beginning career wise is now possible. For some it is a new direction within an existing career.  For others it is the beginning of what they are meant to be doing in life which is not limited to a career path but can be in any important area of life.  

14/07/2018 - A surge of creative energy is coming to sweep you up. Find a good expression for this in some positive way like painting, composing, doing craft, landscaping, little theater, learn or play a musical instrument and so forth. This energy must be put to good use or it will cause you to be very unsettled. Any creative outlet that you enjoy should do the trick.  

11/06/2018 - At the beginning of something significant things may go in a different direction to what you thought they would. in most cases this will prove to be a better direction than the one you imagined and you will soon go with the new flow.  

31/03/2018 - A new and fresh approach to your career or your usual creative expression is filtering in to your awareness. Take this seriously and don't assume that it will be too hard or that you are not able to follow through with it. Surprises are in store for you which will change things and will make new outcomes possible.

19/12/2017 - A decision has been made either consciously or subconsciously that will propel you into a new phase of your life. A shift has occurred and you should be aware that something is different and that it is now possible to reach your full potential in some area of life.

08/10/2017 - An interesting new beginning in some area of your life. This is particularly possible in the area of career and existing relationships of all kinds, friendships, family or romantic attachments.

15/01/2017 - 2017 is a year for new beginnings. Anyone who has been actively working towards building a better life for themselves over the last few years should see positive results this year. If you are only now realising that you want life to change then you can take advantage of the creative energies of this year by planning and then acting on those plans. Anyone who has been experiencing a creative block recently should find that releasing over the coming weeks.

27/08/2016 - A whole new start in life or the opportunity to begin a creative project is in the air right now. For some people it is a combination of this. For many it will be straight forward but a few will find they have to juggle a few things while waiting for things to fall into place. If a creative project has stalled you will be pleased to know that it will get going again soon.

08/08/2016 - Now is a good time to take a fresh approach to your working life or how to go about getting a job or career. Be creative. Those who don't work or need to work can benefit by taking a fresh approach to your daily routine. Be creative.

06/06/2016 - You and at least one other person may be working on something very interesting and exciting to you soon. This will test your ability to work in harmony with others and compromise in a positive way.

23/05/2016 - You may need a creative approach to taking control of a situation or project. Determining the right mix and what to keep, what to add and what to remove is critical to success. Therefore do not rush anything.

25/12/2015 - An opportunity to try something new is on the way. This could be anything from trying new food all the way to trying a new approach to life. The message here is, "Be creative".

18/09/2015 - Positive growth in some area of your life is possible now. If you are thinking of starting something new like a hobby, job, project, study, relationship etc then all you have to do is make a move. It is up to you to take those first steps to get things moving.

05/08/2015 - Life may be throwing you into a situation where you can have a new beginning of some kind. Be creative with what comes to you and you should be able to turn something that seems negative into a positive.

19/06/2015 - New beginnings in the work sector of life are possible if you really want to make such a change. Nothing will happen unless you do some deep thinking about what you really want to be doing relevant to your natural talents, abilities and current life responsibilities. Then comes getting all the relevant information so that you can work towards making it happen. It will require effort on your part but usually those things that are worthwhile in life must be worked for in some way.

13/11/2014 - If you have a project you want to get off the ground then now is the time to do it. Some of you will be offered work, extra work or a job change. Those of you who are artists will find that new ideas and techniques will be flowing faster than you can keep up with them. Don't try but go with what works and leave the rest pass you by. You are tuning in to a huge creative flow that has something for everyone so connect with what works for you and know that others are doing the same.