Ace of Cups

26/12/2020 - Love is offered in many different ways and not always in the way we dream of. Those who have been feeling a lack of love will soon find that love comes in many guises. It is up to you to let it in. Many will be feeling appreciation from others for the little things we do for them. It is time to appreciate what others do for us as well.

27/05/2020 - Not everyone expresses love in the same way. Don't be too quick to reject someone because they don't meet your criteria for showing love  or too quick to accept them because they do. Look deeper into the person offering you romance or friendship. Then you will sense if they are genuine or not.

07/05/2020 - There is an offer of love. Someone is making a peace offering. There is a chance that new love can grow or an old love can be revitalised.

20/10/2019 - New ways of looking at life and love can bring about a new beginning. Some are going to be reminded of how much they are loved or will find again a love they thought they had lost.

25/07/2019 - New relationships and new beginnings in existing relationships bring the focus around to love at all levels. Friendships deepen, romance blossoms, family bonds strengthen and our pets are always there when we need them.

07/02/2019 - You are now free to receive the love that you so richly deserve. It may come in surprising ways which will enrich your life more than you eve imagined.

13/01/2019 - Experiencing the many facets of love is something that is going to be a major focus for a lot of people over the next year or so. Some are going to find that they have so much love to give that they find ways of helping people in the community. Others are going to experience romantic relationships that are deeper and more meaningful than anything previously experienced. Deep friendships are also in the mix.

19/04/2018 - Love is in the air either for you or someone you are close too. While this is a wonderful development it also brings with it many changes that will have to be managed as things develop.  

06/02/2017 - Blocks to the flow of love in relationships of all kinds are breaking down now because they no longer serve a purpose. So many people have been doing the inner work that even those who haven't been consciously doing so may well reap some flow-on benefits from what others in their close circle of friends and relatives have done. This is beneficial for all involved.

25/12/2016 - After much sacrifice and taking action on your part things are all lined up ready to go your way for a new start. For many this is in the area of love and personal relationships of all kinds. For some it is in other areas but there is stil an emotional aspect that can be both wonderful and unsettling at the same time. Give it time and all will go smoothly. 

25/08/2016 - The next few weeks may be quite emotional for many people. There will be a lot going on in relationships that could be quite confusing. Don't make any hasty decisions during this time as it is a time or sorting out and bringing balance to relationships. You may personally experience this and/or help someone through it.

27/06/2016 - This may be a time of renewal in relationships. People recognising the value of those in their lives and coming to new understandings on how to move forward, stronger for all that has gone on in the past.

13/06/2016 - We might be in for a bit of a bumpy ride emotionally. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means heightened emotions. If things are going well our happiness will be high. On the other hand doubts and fears may also be heightened so we end up worrying about nothing. This is an opportunity to experience lovely highs and become aware of how our doubts and fears can bring us down. It could end up being a strengthening time with positive outcomes. 

02/04/2016 - If you are still looking for love and feel that it is never going to happen this card is telling you not to give up. Continue to work through any issues that you know would be holding you back from being able to fully commit to the right person when they do enter your life. After all, you do want to be ready when it happens.

26/08/2015 - For some romance is truly in the air. This can be a wonderful time and it can also be a scary time if you are holding yourself back because of past hurts. Everyone has a choice. Go for it and risk heartache because at least you are giving yourself a chance at happiness. Otherwise hold back in fear and risk experiencing the heartache of lonliness as time goes by. Which do you choose?

10/08/2015 - Events unfolding now in your life have the potential to lead you to a new beginning based on love and self-respect.

25/07/2015 - Your thoughts may focus on love quite a bit over the coming months. Depending on your life circumstances this may be taking a journey down love's memory lane, appreciating what you have or the blossoming of a very special and loving relationship. Perhaps it will be taking stock of your life, attitudes and so forth so that love can find its way to you.

09/07/2015 - There can be new beginnings filled with love, laughter and respect. For some of you it is already happening. For others it is still to come. For many the important first step is to love yourself enough to feel worthy of being loved by that special person you want in your life.

31/12/2014 - It is really time to go with the flow into 2015. Try to leave any unpleasantness that occurred in 2014 behind as you venture into the New Year. Naturally this is not always easy to do but in making the effort to leave behind the things you can't change you begin the process which can make 2015 the begininning of a very positive phase in your life.

16/10/2014 - Romance is in the air for many over the next few months. For some it will be new and exciting connections out of which may come something very deep and meaningful. For others it is the rekindling of old flames which now have the potential to burn brightly and long. There is also the possibility of friendship turning into romance and romance turning into deep friendship without heartbreak.