8 of Swords

10/03/2021 - While some serious decisions may have been made it may not yet be time to act on them. If this is the case be satisfied that you are part of the way to where you want to be and allow the flow of life to show you when to take some action.

11/12/2020 - There are some things that simply have to run their course. You can't hurry up the process or slow it down. In the meantime there may be other things that you  can do that will help you in other ways. If you are very focused on something make sure you are not ignoring something that needs your attention sooner rather than later.

16/10/2020 - You have done or are doing all that you can do so it is best to try to be patient and let things develop as they will.

31/05/2020 - There are some things you can't do a thing about so don't even try. Use your intelligence and your energy to make a difference with those things that you can and before you know it those other problematic things will have progressed in some way.

17/04/2020 - It may be frustrating with so many things you want to do but are not able to do them right now. Don't despair as this is only a temporary time of standstill in some areas of life. Shift the focus on to what can be done right now and you may be surprised at what eventuates.

31/01/2020 - While you may now have a clearer picture of what is developing in your life there are still some things that are not yet revealed. While it may be frustrating it is best to wait for further developments rather than trying to force an issue.

23/09/2019 - As much as you may want to hurry things along this is a time when you have to wait on the decisions or actions of others before things can get moving. Once things connect as they should your situation will improve.

08/08/2019 - No matter how hard you try you can't get out of something. Depending on the circumstances this may or may not be something unpleasant. For some it is simply challenging and with the potential for great rewards. Whatever it is you will benefit by getting on with it.

09/01/2019 - Something is out of your control. No matter how much you want to make a difference with this you simply have to step back and let others do what is required. Sometimes a delay can prove beneficial.

22/02/2018 - Don't try and force the issue in some area of your life. You can't see how it all fits into the bigger picture so try to accept the current conditions as being only a stage on the journey and not the end of the journey.

07/01/2018 - There is nothing you can do but wait until things move forward in their own time. Take this time to evaluate recent events so that you are sure of what you really want the future to hold. That way you will recognise it when it starts to happen for you.

10/12/2017 - Tempting though it is you really must wait for the Universe to act. Pushing forward now with only part of the information, circumstances or people in place will not bring about that which you know is meant to be. Patience is called for so occupy yourself with other things and let it come to you.

06/09/2017 - You may find yourself playing the waiting game for awhile. For some it is only a short time but for others it may be longer than they would like. Either way this time is leading up to a period of increased activity and productivity.

20/06/2017 - Sometimes we just have to accept that there is nothing we can do about a situation.

20/03/2017 - Your hands are or will be tied in some matter. Just do all you can do and then go with the flow. Worrying about things you have no control over does not help. You don't have to like it but don't waste energy fighting a losing battle. It is only one battle so watch and wait. You will get your chance to make a difference and be a winner.

03/11/2016 - There is not a lot you can do about a situation that concerns you. A few things have to come together for completion and that is out of your hands now. Be optimistic that things will go better than expected. 

07/10/2016 - You have done all you can do and now it is time to wait and see how things turn out. The things that are going on right now are bringing about some much needed changes. Because this impacts on several people you have to let others play their parts too.

11/09/2016 - Sometimes we are convinced that there is nothing we can do about some situation that is impacting on us or a loved one. Well, this may well be a time when you are not looking hard enough for a solution. It may well be staring you in the face but because you are convinced there is no solution you can't see it. Try to sidestep your feelings and thougts so you can come at this from another angle and you may just find out what you can do.

02/08/2016 - You can't force something to happen that is not meant to be. Sometimes it is just a matter or timing and waiting for the right time to act or waiting for your life path to take you where you are meant to be. In the big scheme of your life, everything is as it should be right now.

03/06/2016 - Think very carefully about what you want to do or what you want out of life. You may be being held back right now so that you can have a deeper look into things. Take this opportunity to set a strong and lasting foundation for the future.

02/06/2016 - Patience.

29/05/2016 - You may think you know what is blocking you or holding you back. If working on all those things is not working then it is time to have a deeper and more honest look at something. Don't keep hitting your head against a brick wall. Relook at things.

16/03/2016 - If you are feeling like your hands are tied in some matter or you are blocked from moving forward into something at the moment it may well be that the timing is not right even if you think it is. This may be an opportunity to learn how to get in touch with the flow of your life.

21/01/2016 - There are some lovely things on the horizon and bit by bit they will make their presence felt in your life. There is no way to make it happen any faster as these are things that are due to you based on your efforts up till now. Relax a bit if you can and await something something lovely.

23/09/2015 - You may have to accept that certain things are the way they are for the time being and organise things around that. Try to remain focussed on the things that make you feel confident and positive for now. It may be time to get a new hobby/interest to help with that.

20/08/2015 - There are some things you have no control over. Recognising what they are and redirecting your focus and efforts to those things you can do something about will ease frustration and tension in some way. This will assist you to be patient with those troublesome areas you can't do anything about.

25/05/2015 - There may be some part of your life that you have no control over right now. The indications are that things will sort out and there should be some positive movement in the next week or so. Be careful not to force an issue with someone as time will take care of it in ways you cannot currently imagine.

31/03/2015 - Some situation that has you stuck with no solution other than to accept it and wait it out will turn out to be good for you in that it is all about the timing. Future developments will show you where this current situation fits into the bigger picture.

31/01/2015 - Sometimes the only action you can take in a situation is inaction. If there is nothing constructive you can do in your own situation or in another's right now then do notining. Doing something because you feel you have to do somethibng is likely to cause more troulble in the long run. You may have to let things develop so that those around you can see for themselves that you are right to be inactive right now.

10/12/2014 - You may find yourself in a situation where there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome. If it is someone else's situation then all you can do is be supportive in any appropriate way as things progress. If it is your situation then seek support from those you know you can rely on and in some cases even professionals. The situation will progress in time.