8 of Cups

28/07/2020 - Many are walking away from a way of life that no longer serves a purpose. What went before was needed to get you to this point. Now is the time to embrace the new even if there is some uncertainty about it.

10/05/2020 - The courage you need to walk away or to let go of something or someone will be there when you need it. Some are coming to a point in their lives where they will be able to do something they never thought they could or would do. If you have recently done this then do not doubt your decision.

25/02/2020 - Many are walking away from something that no longer serves a positive purpose in their lives. The range of emotions this can cause is wide and often those emotions seem in conflict with each other. Keep reminding yourself why you are doing this and you will get through it.

29/12/2019 - It takes courage to turn your back on something or someone and just keep walking forward. Don't be lured back into something you know in your heart is not good for you anymore.

12/11/2019 - Knock, knock, knock - here is another reminder to those who are sticking with something that is no longer a positive influence in your life. It is not easy to "say goodbye" and move on but if you know in your heart and your mind that it needs to be done then do it. Some will be reaping the rewards of the 'walking away" that they did quite some time ago.

16/10/2019 - Walking away from something that is not serving a useful purpose in your life is walking towards that which will bring fulfillment.

02/10/2019 - Those who have chosen to walk away from something that was/is very important to them will see that this difficult decision leads to something much better than what was left behind.

09/04/2019 - It is often very hard to walk away from something you have put a lot into. Events happening now may put you in this position. Your attitude to these events will play an important role in the transition from the old to the new.

29/03/2019 - There is a walking away from something that a lot of time and effort has been put into. This may be a difficult decision to make but the longer the decision is put off the less likely of a positive outcome.

01/02/2019 - Sometimes we think we have let go and walked far enough away from something only to realise that it is still too close for comfort. This means that there is still something we need to realise, learn or do in order to complete our process of letting go and moving on.

15/11/2018 - This is a profoundly healing time for those who have been through a very difficult process of letting go of something that had major importance in their life. A new sense of purpose and life direction is forming and with it comes the energy to carry you forward and make things happen.

14/06/2018 - This time you are able to walk away from something with more confidence that the timing is now right for you to take on something that you have thought about for a very long time.  

08/03/2018 - Now you are able to walk away from something knowing that you have done all you need to do. What happens now will depend on what you do with the opportunities at hand. Take things slowly and you will find your way forward.

06/01/2018 - Finally you are able to walk away from something that you put a lot into for a long time. It has not been easy but now you find you are simply doing it with hardly a look backwards. Keep on going as you are moving into a new phase and a new focus of the heart.

07/06/2017 - It is time to walk away from something. This may be physically leaving or going through a process of detachment or "letting go". It could be both. For some people it will be quite hard to do while for others it will be a simple process.

07/03/2017 - Some people will choose to leave a situation while others will try changing the way they deal with it, accepting and adapting according to need. Either choice is one of strength so do what you feel is the right thing for you at this time.

16/02/2017 - If you know in your heart that things are never going to work out the way you want them to then move on in some way. For some it means leaving the situation entirely while for others it means changing the way you deal with it or simply accepting it and adapting. Some people will actually find that it is someone else who backs down or leaves the situation so if you are not ready to give up then give it all you have got and stand firm in your position.

08/01/2017 - It is alright to walk away from something rather than put up with negativity. Sometiimes all it takes to change things for the better is to change the dynamics of the situation by stepping away from it and focussing on something else. Things may well sort out without your input.

25/06/2016 - It may be time to walk away from something and try something new. If everything you try doesn't make things work then no matter how hard it is, it really is time to move on. For some it is not walking away from the situation but it is taking a totally different approach that you would not normally do.

13/01/2016 - You may find yourself in a situation that is best handled by simply walking away. Don't stir the pot so to speak. It will either sort out without your input or presence or things will settle down to a point where you can effectively re-enter into this situation again.

28/12/2015 - This is a good time to look deeply into all aspects of your life, with an open mind and ready to accept that some things may not be working for you anymore. This is not a time for sentimentality and hanging on to things for old time's sake, so to speak. Be it things, people or situations, let them go if they are not working for you. Free up your time, space and energy for new things, experiences, people and to nurture who and what is working for you.

05/04/2015 - You may find that you are changing your mind about something that you were so sure of for a long time. Whatever it is, don't ignore what your intuition is trying to tell you. It may be time for something new, a new approach or a new lifestyle perhaps.

08/09/2014 - New strategies and plans of action are required in some situation now. Things that are not working have to go. This may require a radical change in attitude towards some people and situations. Seek help from professionals if you can't sort it out by yourself.