7 of Wands

03/04/2021 - You've got this. Don't doubt yourself or let the opinions or judgements of others get in your way to success. It is important to appear confident even if you are not. The confidence will come when you get that opportunity to prove yourself to yourself and others.

20/10/2020 - Successfully fighting off the competition in some way is coming forward for some of you. Others are being encouraged to hold on to the gains made in some area recently. Progress forward may have to wait awhile so don't let things slide backwards. 

27/07/2020 - Having to deal with many things at once may be trying at this time but, one by one, things will be taken care of and all will end up in the order you are hoping to achieve.

21/06/2020 - You may feel as though you are in a competitive situation. For some this is so and you are in a good position to win as long as you don't take anything for granted. Others need to have a deeper look into the situation as there may be no need to be competitive and a win/win outcome is within reach.

29/02/2020 - If you are feeling uncertain of where you stand in some situation try to step back so you can see the bigger picture. Then you should find that you have nothing to worry about except how you choose to perceive the situation and how you choose to act within it.

05/12/2019 - You've got this. The things holding you back are the things your Soul is pushing you to overcome. Rescue is not coming until you do the work so get out of your own way and out of your comfort zone if need be. It's OK to be scared and you don't have to like what it is you know you need to do. Just do it. The rewards will make it worthwhile.

17/11/2019 - Be wary of jealousy - yours or that of others. You may find yourself in competition in some way and how you conduct yourself will have a definite bearing on the outcome. Some will find that they have to hold the "high moral ground" in some way and set an example for others to follow.

06/10/2019 - Don't let other people's doubts, insecurities and fears bring you down. You are in a good place from which to move forward so focus on your needs for now and let the rest go.

22/06/2019 - If you are feeling like everyone wants a piece of your time and energy just step back and you will see clearly where you need to spend your time and energy most effectively. Let the rest of them go for now as many can solve their own problems.

18/02/2019 - Just hang in there with something that is challenging you. You actually have made some progress so keep doing what feels right and soon there will be something to let you know the next move to take.

19/12/2018 - Don't let opposition get in the way of achieving something that you know is right. Stand firm and it will become apparent that you are right.

10/09/2018 - It may seem as though you have too much on your plate or too much to complete in a short time frame. Don't waste energy on worrying about whether you will get it all done or not. Prioritise and get focused on completing one task as t time and you will be successful. Help is on the way for some who are too bogged down to do it alone.

17/12/2017 -You have finally got on top of some situation that has been holding you back. The challenge now is to keep up the good work. Patience  and perseverance will pay off.

10/09/2017 - Not long now and you will see some positive results for all the efforts you have put in. The more difficult the past few months have been for you the greater will be the reward that is coming. Keep doing what you are doing and have faith in yourself.

16/08/2017 - Life has placed you in the current situation so that you will grow into the person you are meant to be. You actually have an advantage in some way or in some situation. The way forward is opening up to you and it is just a matter of accepting what is offered when it is offered.

14/05/2017 - Believe it or not but you do have the high ground in some situation.  Do not doubt yourself or let other people undermine your confidence in what you do and how you do it. You will get your chance to shine.

12/03/2017 - It may seem like you are fighting on all fronts at the moment. If so then just keep going at it for a bit longer. You are actually in a better position than you realise and once you see this you will know what to do next.

10/01/2017 - It is not too often that things come easy so if you want something in your life then dream of it, plan for it, hope for it and put in the effort required for it to manifest for you. Patience will be required but in the end it will be worth all the effort and you just might have developed a greater capacity for patience. That is an achievement in itself. Some people's patience is about to pay off.

26/08/2016 - If you feel as if you are continually fighting a battle then take heart. Even though you probably don't realise it, you have the upper hand. If you just hold on and keep up what you are doing you will win out in the end.

22/05/2016 - Fight for what you want or for what you know is rightfully yours. If you sit back and do nothing you will get exactly that, nothing.

06/04/2016 - You may not realise it but you have gained ground in some battle you are currently undergoing. Therefore keep doing what you are currently doing as it may take a little while for you to see the results you are hoping for.

07/06/2015 - You may have a battle on your hands in some area of your life either currently or soon. You actually are in the best position to be the winner so don't let anyone undermine your confidence. Hold your ground and simply do what is required of you and this will soon be a thing of the past.

07/01/2015 - If you seem to continually meet with opposition to what you want to achieve it is time to listen with an open mind to what everyone in opposition is trying to tell you. This does not necessarily mean that they are totally right and you are totally wrong. However, some of them have valid points that you need to take on board. If you dismiss everything that is in opposition to your own point of view you will not achieve a good outcome.

04/01/2015 - For some of you it is a real battle to achieve your aims careerwise. This card is encouraging you to persevere and not give up. You may have to make some changes to what you are doing to achieve your results or set lesser goals that you can achieve on the way. This can lead to the discovery of options you don't presently know about. There is not a problem with changing a few things, just don't give up entirely. 

07/09/2014 - Now is not the time to give up. You have the upper hand in some situation even if you are unaware of this. If you suspect that you have an advantage in some situation this card is confirming it for you so keep to plan and it should work out well. Some of you will just have to trust that you are making good progress even if there is no outward sign. You should get some kind of positive indication soon though.