7 of Swords

01/03/2021 - It may be time to cut your losses and move on in some area of life. Focus on what you have gained from this situation rather than what you have lost. This will give you more strength to create a new and refreshing space in your life.

10/10/2020 - Be careful who you confide in. Sometimes people innocently let things slip out in conversations they are having with people they trust but who you do not trust. This is a time to play your cards close to your chest and make your move only when you are ready to do so.

05/01/2020 - Those who have been wanting an escape from some person or situation my get their chance soon. Just a word of caution - Don't burn all your bridges at once. Make sure you get your needs met with "win win " situations if possible.

09/05/2019 - You will be able to walk away from something while still having the satisfaction of having achieved something or having made a positive difference.

01/05/2019 - You may be able to make a move forward while still keeping some existing options open.

16/12/2018 - It may be best to keep your plans to yourself until you have the finer details sorted out. There may have to be some changes to the way you plan to achieve something so the less people know the less they are expecting.

30/06/2018 - Out of what is offered to you take only that which is useful to you and leave the rest. Not all opportunities are meant to be taken up. Find the courage to accept that which yo  

19/03/2018 - There is a quiet little victory for you in some way. You may be the only one who realises what has happened and what it truly means but that doesn't matter. It is quite significant to you and you have earned the feeling of satisfaction it gives you.  

20/10/2017 - Some people will decide to cut their losses and go. Others will realise that they got away with the best end of the deal in some matter.

30/06/2017 - You may not get the recognition that you want but it looks like you will get what you want in some way. This is a reminder to focus on the positives and the gains rather than the things you did not get in some situation.

10/06/2017 - In order to get something to work out in your favour you will have to be careful what you say to the other people involved. Don't let your emotions lead you into reacting when you should be sitting back and taking it all in before you do or say anything. 

12/04/2017 - There is currently or soon will be a situation where you need to be careful what you say or how you say it. If you really don't care what happens then feel free to speak your mind any way you like but be prepared for the fallout. On the other hand if you want a particular outcome then you need to put a lot of thought into what you want to say and the best method to get it across.

22/12/2016 - Silence is golden they say. If you have been quietly planning and working towards achieving something then you should soon have the pleasure of seeing the results of your efforts and the surprise on the faces of some people who had no idea you could do this.

01/10/2016 - It looks very much like you will get "one up" on someone you are involved with and they won't even realise it has happened until it is too late for them to do anything about it except to simply accept it.

10/06/2016 - Over the next few weeks be mindful of what you say to people or who can overhear your conversations. Not everyone thinks the way you do nor are they as respectful of others as you are. You don't need any added complications or blocks to what you hope to achieve.

13/11/2015 - It is time to be upfront and honest with someone. This can be anything from paying a debt to telling someone you love them.

06/11/2015 - You may find that people are talking about you behind your back. For some of you it is good things they are saying and you can feel proud of your achievements. For others it may be a good idea to think about what it is they are saying in case there is an element of truth in it. If you don't like what is being said about you but it is in fact a truth then you have been given an opportunity to make some personal changes for the better. If you know that you are being true to yourself and actually acting honourably then don't let negative people upset you. In that case it is their problem and not yours but it is good to be aware of what people are thinking and doing.

08/07/2015 - If you have plans that are very important to you and you want to make sure that the implementation is as trouble free as possible then be very selective about who you confide in. Some people who really care about you may let something slip to someone who would prefer that you did not get what you want in life.

28/12/2014 - Make sure you have all your facts right before you form your opinion on something. Things may not be as they appear on the surface and people may be reacting according to assumptions rather than facts.

13/12/2014 - It looks like you are in a position to have the last word in some matter. All in all you should come out of this with most of what you want. This is a time to focus on the positives that come out of it and not give energy to any negative residue. The positives are more than enough to move forward with.