6 of Wands

31/03/2021 - Soon you will be showing someone just what you are made of. People who have underestimated you will have to rethink a lot of things. Attitudes will change for the better.

31/01/2021 - Life may be carrying you towards success even though it may not seem that way right now. There is reason to be optimistic even if you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.

07/11/2020 - Success at last in some endeavour close to your heart. This is a time to hold your head up high and be proud of you are and what you have achieved.

16/11/2019 - Finally you will get the results you have been working towards for such a long time. For some it may be different to what you were expecting or even hoping for but what you get suits you very well.

25/08/2019 - In some way you have made progress with something. Even if there is still more to do you can take the current level of progress as a success which should lead to further success.

04/07/2019 - Victory is sweet. Triumph after a struggle is to be celebrated even if just quietly within yourself. Some will be celebrating a success quite publicly among family and friends. You have earned this.

29/04/2019 - Finally in some way you are going to feel like you have 'won the game". Don't be fooled by someone's outward appearance of kindness. Trust your intuition on this one.

02/04/2019 - Sometimes the victory is over an aspect of ourselves that has been holding us back. Once achieved the old energies are released and new energies can come in. Expect some positive changes.

01/03/2019 - In some way you gain a victory. No matter how seemingly small it may be, it is still very significant in the course of the process you are undergoing.

22/10/2018 - Small steps and small successes added together will bring you to a point of victory over something you have been grappling with for a long time.

06/08/2018 - Even seemingly small steps forward can be counted as a victory in this game of life we are all playing. This is not a time to be unconscious of the deeper meaning of your life. Stop and take the time for some meditation or contemplation of what you want from life and what you can realistically do to work towards it.

26/07/2018 - Success often comes in strange guises and so we do not recognise it until much later. Be calm and trust that all is heading in the right direction for you. You have done all you can and must now wait for the results to manifest.

05/07/2018 - The thing that is worrying you the most is likely to turn out better than you expect it to. So much is unknown that it is best not to let an overactive imagination take over. Seek the peace within and all will unfold in due time.

06/06/2018 - You will get the recognition that you deserve in your field of expertise. For some this will be happening now or very soon. Others will have to wait awhile so this is to encourage you to keep going with what you are aiming to do. You are on the right track and that track leads to success.  

16/04/2018 - Success is yours in some area you have been putting a lot of time and effort into. For some it will come all at once while for others it will come in stages.  

27/03/2018 - Those who have persevered with something for a long time will now experience something related to this that makes them realise that it has been worth all the effort and patience they have put in.

14/02/2018 - In some way you are the winner. It may be very obvious in that you actually win something or it can be less obvious. Things may go better at work, you get that job or promotion, you win that argument or finally get proved right in some situation and so forth.

01/01/2018 - This can be a year of success and self-confidence. For some it will seem to come easy but that is because you have been doing all the hard work for years now. Others will have to work for it in some way. The rewards will be worth the effort.

27/11/2017 - Something someone says to you or does for you will make you feel very confident that the things that matter most to you are about to fall into place. The road ahead my be challenging but you will feel confident that you are up to the task and can't wait for things to get moving in this new direction.

15/11/2017 - Success is at hand. There is some issue that has been going on for quite some time and now you will see that you were right all along. This is a time to enjoy your success and to make plans for the future based on changed circumstances.

13/09/2017 - There is a sense of victory, of being a winner in some area of life. This may be in a personal struggle with oneself or with others or it could be a monetary win of some kind.

12/07/2017 - Victory comes when we let go of what we thought we must have and embrace the positive possibilities that are indeed open to us.

30/05/2017 - With the help of others you will achieve something of significance. The emphasis is on taking on board what people who have your best interests at heart are saying to you. They can steer you toward the right course of action. Let go of what you can't have and embrace what is possible.

04/05/2017 - In some aspect of your life you are going to achieve a victory. It may not appear to be large to others but it will be to you. This will allow you to move on with your life in a positive way, opening up opportunities in other areas of your life.

01/01/2017 - 2017 is going to be a year of triumph and success in many ways large and small. You will get out of it what you put in. A determined and persistent effort will reap greater rewards than a weak attempt to achieve something. Some people have already put the effort in and will get the benefits as this year progresses.

05/04/2016 - Victory is yours in some area of life as long as you read the situation correctly and walk away from things that you really don't need to be involved in. Choose your battles and you should find that a lot of things get taken care of without your interference.

08/09/2015 - In some area of your life you are going to have a victory. For some this will be something that you have worked long and hard towards achieving and now you are about to experience the sweet taste of success. For others it is not so significant but pleasant all the same.

08/05/2015 - Those of you who have been pushing the boundaries in some area of your life will be rewarded with success in that area. You will have that sense that it was all worth it in the long run and that you can rely on yourself to make the difficult decisions and follow through no matter what.

03/05/2015 - You are going to be a winner in some area of your life. This may be in your working life where you get that job or promotion. It could be in your romatic life or in some struggle you are currently engaged in.

24/02/2015 - If you are struggling in some area of your life this card is indicating that all your efforts will bring about a successful outcome. Now is not the time to give up but to be patient as many things are going on behind the scenes and some unusual surprises are very possible.

19/12/2014 - You may find yourself leading the way in some aspect of your life. It may be that you take charge of a situation and successfully implement some changes for the better. Some of you may find that you have been leading by example for a long time without realising it and now people are giving you credit for it. Those of you who have careers should get some rewards and recognition early in the New Year.