6 of Pentacles

27/03/2021 - Finances are coming into focus. It should be possible to pay things off, put a bit aside for something special and generally feel more confident financially for awhile.

03/12/2020 - An improvement in finances is on the way. This may come in the form a a lump sum or in bits and pieces which adds up to something worthwhile that you can do something with.

15/09/2020 - A fair and equitable distribution of money is coming into focus for many. Some will feel they have been given a bonus or at least given their fair share. Others will be feeling left out or treated unfairly. This is not a time to take on unwinnable battles so be sure of your facts before you challenge anyone on this.

07/07/2020 - Don't be concerned if it seems like others are being rewarded while you are left out. It is simply their turn to be recompensed right now. Your turn is coming and when it does you will be so pleased with what you have that it won't matter that it took so long.

23/11/2019 - Some will have to tighten the belt a bit when it comes to spending. Things have not gone to plan in some way and finances aren't what you thought they would be at this time. If this is your situation then remember that this is only a stage in your life and things will improve eventually. There is a lesson to learn from it all so find the lesson.

09/10/2019 - You may find yourself comparing costs for something that is important to you or weighing up the benefits against the cost of something you would like to have. For some this card is indicating an increase in money flow. Don't spend money that you don't have.

30/07/2019 - Cheer up as there should be an improvement in your finances in the coming weeks. Things that have bee awaiting completion should complete soon and this will free up the money flow in some way.

11/12/2018 - Issues concerning finances may come forward for some people. For them this is a bridging time while they wait for some area of life to come into line with their goals. The indications are that the finances will flow better in the new year so in the meantime limit spending to essentials only and the financial gap will be bridged.

23/11/2018 - Things are evening out somewhere or somehow in your life. Balance is coming back to those areas where emotional and mental stressors have been at extremes.

03/11/2018 - You may be focussed on balancing your budget. Indications are that you can do it if you refrain from making unnecessary purchases until the money flow improves. it will improve so it is worth making the effort now and continuing some of those restraints in future so you can save for something important to you.

29/09/2018 - Karma is balancing out in your life big time. Depending what past actions of this life or previous lives are causing the circumstances playing out now it may seem good or bad to you. Either way balanced karma frees you up for new beginnings based on the lessons learned and the rewards earned.

03/09/2018 - Careful spending over the next few weeks will ensure that you have what you need at a later date. Having said that this is actually a good time to spend money on something that will last and give you good service or pleasure over a longer time

18/04/2018 - You may be having discussions with someone about finances. This may involve your own personal finances or it can be helping someone else sort out their financial affairs. Also it could involve a group you are part of.  

11/03/2018 - You may need to review your finances and tweak the budget a bit. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that some things are coming up that you want to do or buy and if you are creative in your thinking about your finances you will be able to do what you want to do in a reasonable time frame.  

29/01/2018 - It may be time to redo that family budget. If you look carefully you just may find that you can afford something that previously you thought was out of reach. It may take careful planning and patience but something really worthwhile is now possible.

05/01/2018 - You are evening the score so to speak in some area that is quite important to you personally. Others may not see the importance of this but don't let that influence you. This is something you need to do for yourself so go ahead with confidence.

28/12/2017 - What is owed to you will come to you. On the other hand if you owe anything then expect to have to pay it back in some way. This can concern finances and so it is wise to plan for any outgoings that my crop up. It can also relate to any other area of life.

21/11/2017 - Money owed to you will be paid. There may be extra opportunities to earn money and some will find themselves in the fortunate position of being able to give money to those in need.

11/09/2017 - Finalising financial commitments, entering into new ones, paying and/or being repaid debts and new opportunities to make ends meet financially are all possible now.

20/08/2017 - Things that are out of balance are slowly coming into balance again. For some people it is a return to normal while for others it is very different to what has been before. The indications are that finances are also coming into balance.

20/02/2017 - Things will be worked out fairly, favours returned and debts repaid. This also means Karmic debts repaid and positive shifts in relationships.

26/01/2017 - Money might be a little tight for awhile but do not let that worry you. It is not a sign of how things are going to be long term. This should be relatively short term as long as you are sensible and do not over spend during this time. Restraint now will pay off later.

26/12/2016 - A time of financial hardship is drawing to a close. Depending on individual circumstances this will be anything from a small but significant improvement to a large increase in income, a financial settlement or even a significant win.

21/09/2016 - Hang in there. Finances are due to have a boost for one reason or another. You may even be able to have that little splurge you have been wanting for awhile now.

24/07/2016 - Be prepared for some unexpected financial outlays some time in the next few months. If possible make sure you have some spare funds you can draw on if necessary. Put some money away now and you won't need to be concerned later on.

09/05/2016 - Some people will get some unexpected money from somewhere or someone. Others may be required to repay a debt that they have forgotten about. If both happen then there is no problem. It is probably a good idea to review your finances to see if you do owe someone so you are not caught by an unexpected expense.

29/03/2016 - Give and take is the requirement for success in some matter. Sometimes misunderstandings can get in the way of smooth progress so it is best to get any doubts out in the open for discussion and resolution.

23/12/2015 - Be prepared for some unexpected household expenses. It shouldn't be anything more than annoying if you haven't already overextended your finances.

21/10/2015 - Many of you will be entering a time where you will be spending money. With proper planning and making wise choices this time should actually be very productive and quite enjoyable.

29/08/2015 - There should be a distinct improvement in your money flow very soon. This can come about from various means such as new job, pay rise, increase in business profit, loans repaid, inheritances, lady luck shining on you and so forth. Whatever is causing problems to your money flow should be solved soon.

17/06/2015 - Money matters are in focus. For some it will be the finalisation of house sales, property settlements and inheritances. Others will get bigger tax returns than expected and those investments will pay off. There may be some expenditure in with all this as well so it can be receiving on one hand and giving it out with the other. This is a positive process though so most should end up better off.

26/04/2015 - You may be in a situation where there is a need for give and take. Make sure that you are not giving too much so that you end up being used. On the other hand also make sure that you are not the one doing all the taking. Be careful not to encourage someone to take more and more which would end up being unfair to someone whose side of the story you really don't know.

25/04/2015 - It may not seem as though you are getting your fair share in some arrangement but time will show you just how much better off you are in so many ways including financially.

10/01/2015 - If you owe someone some money they may unexpectedly ask you to repay it soon so it would be advisable to get in first and repay it before you are asked to do so. For some this card is simply indicating that the next few weeks will see you spending more than you would like to. If you have planned well in the lead up to this time you should have enough in reserve to cover it all. 

03/01/2015 - Now is a good time to start putting some money away for that rainy day. If you never need it for an unexpected expense you will be able to take that holiday you would love to take. Either way it will bring you something good.

09/10/2014 - Your financial situation should begin to improve over the next few weeks. You may be offered an opportunity to refinance or earn some extra cash. Those thinking of buying a home should make sure that they can absorb and interest rise or two before comitting. Maybe a less expensive house would be the wise choice. For some, making a few financial sacrifices now will pay off quite well in the new year.