5 of Wands

19/03/2021 - Sometimes when you are trying to achieve something you need to rely on others to do their bit at the appropriate time. This may lead to some frustrations with delays and miscommunication. Stay calm and focused as this is only temporary and smooth co-ordination can be achieved.

12/02/2021 - Don't let frustrating situations or people put you off course with something that means a lot to you. Keep the focus and don't give your energy away as you need that to achieve your goals.

04/12/2020 - A time of frustration and disappointment is drawing to a close. Many life lessons have been learned and it is time for new life situations to come into place. For some this will come in gradually while others will have a sudden change.

26/11/2019 - For some this is a time of frustration due to uncertainty around employment and or relationships. All you can do is check to make sure you are doing all you can do to sort things out and get things moving. If there is more you can do then do it otherwise be patient and allow things to take their course and unfold as they will.

11/09/2019 - You may be frustrated by the seeming opposing viewpoints coming at you. Step back from it all and see what is really going on and what it is that you can learn from it all. There may be more going on than is showing on the surface.

12/08/2019 - Keep out of other people's battles. This is a time when supporting a person means being there for them without taking on any of their baggage.

17/05/2019 - Try not to let the frustrations of others affect your own peace of mind. You have your own lessons to learn so focus on your own issues and leave other people to deal with their issues in their own way.

12/05/2019 - You may be affected by the competitiveness of others in some way. It may be best to step back and let it all play out without getting personally involved.

10/04/2019 - So many little irritations and things that seem to need to be taken care of all at once may push you to the limits of your patience and stamina. Don't worry this will not last long and you will be able to enjoy the results of all your efforts.

27/01/2019 - You may be feeling a bit frustrated at all the effort you are having to put into something. Not everyone is co-operating with you in the way you would like them to. It's time to step back and see what happens if you just do what you need to do on your part and leave the rest to turn out as it will.

29/11/2018 - You may feel that you are twisting yourself in knots trying to get something sorted out and completed to your satisfaction. You may need to step back a bit and reassess things. You will then see how to move forward with this.

02/11/2018 - Some people can be so frustrating. With them it is time to step back and let them go on with things in their own way as it is obvious that they aren't going to change.

24/09/2018 - It is time to take care of those annoying things that you have been putting off or trying to ignore for some time now. Once you make up your mind to get into it then things will actually move into place or be done quite easily.

07/08/2018 - You may find that people or life in general are very frustrating at the moment. You have done nothing to cause this. It is outside influences coming into focus in your life and the lives of those close to you, Try to keep your agitation under control so that you can travel through this time without doing things that will increase the frustration.

26/05/2017 - If you find yourself caught up in a very frustrating situation try to step aside from it a bit so you can work out the best way to handle it successfully. There are people around you who can give you good advice so trust your intuition when it guides you to certain people.

30/03/2017 - If things are rather frustrating for you at the moment it looks like you will hear something soon that will clear the air somewhat and allow things to move in a better direction.

23/03/2017 - Sometimes it can be frustrating when you know what you want or how something should be done and it is just not happening that way. Rather than give in to the frustration step back a bit and see what this whole situation can teach you. Turn it into something useful in terms of growth and experience while you wait for that inevitable change in circumstances to occur.

19/12/2016 - Delays can be frustrating but they are only delays and do not mean that your new beginning in some area of life in not happening. It looks very much like new beginnings are very likely so don't be discouraged by delays and other obstacles. Be positive.

16/08/2016 - If you find yourself in the midst of a very frustrating situation take a step back to see if you really have to be involved so deeply in it. Many will then realise that it is not their problem to deal with after all. Those that find they are linked to it in some way will benefit from looking at it from a bit of a distance.

23/01/2016 - Don't let mean spirited and gossipy people get to you. Simply don't let them in on your plans. Quietly go about your business and you will achieve the things that are important to your happiness and wellbeing.

09/01/2016 - You may be frustrated by people in authority either at work or in the course of you daily life over the next few weeks. Some of you may actually be the people in authority that others have problems with. As long as you are in the right things will smoothe over quite quickly for you. 

26/11/2015 - You might be faced with a few frustrating situations over the coming weeks but that is no reason to give up on something you that you are committed to. A lot of the frustration is just part of what could be called a settling in period or an adjustment period. Anything worth having is worth working and waiting for.

18/03/2015 - There may have been quite a few frustrating things happening to you or someone you care a lot about. There really insn't anything to seriously worry about in all of it as time will sort most of it out one way or another. Anything that really needs attention will come forward, a solution will be found and implemented with a positive outcome.

21/01/2015 - Expect to get an update on a matter that has been frustrating you in some way for quite some time. Just what this will mean for you will depend on what information you get and how reliable it is.

01/05/2014 - There may be a series of delays and minor obstacles but try not to let this get to you. It is all part of the sorting out that needs to be done at the beginning of new life. Focus on the Big Picture and you won't get bogged down by these annoying details. Once this period is behind you it will be clear sailing for quite awhile.