5 of Swords

14/10/2020 - You will soon be feeling very pleased with yourself and the actions you have recently taken.

16/07/2020 - Those of you who are still in battle with aspects of yourself that are holding you back can take heart. Help in some form is on it's way to you. You can do this so don't give up.

12/05/2020 - Looking back on battles fought. This is different for all of us. Some battles were won  and others considered to be lost. But were they really lost? In looking back you may find that in one way or another all those battles in life were won by you in some way. If not at that time but in the now, you can see that you are a winner.

23/04/2020 - Some will feel that they have finally won a battle of some kind. This may be with someone, an organisation, a situation or with oneself. For a few this may not be the last but is the one that tips things in your favour.

07/11/2019 - That battle with yourself is looming again for many. How many times do you have to deal with this is a question many are asking. If it is the same thing coming up all the time then you still have things to learn from it or things to process. Some things have to be done in stages and as you grow you are able to see things you couldn't see before. Patience and persistence is what is required. 

04/08/2019 - Fighting may not be the answer even when you know that you need to stand up for yourself or for another. Retreat is not always "running away". Sometimes it is the only way to successfully make a stand.

11/01/2019 - In a battle of wills you will be the winner as long as you stick to what you know is right. Do not let another person undermine your confidence in your decisions.

31/10/2018 - Well, it's certainly been a battle but you are about to come out a winner.

18/02/2017 - Whatever the struggle just keep doing what you are doing and it should lead you to being the one with the most gains. Once this is completed you should find that new experiences come your way and you can put this difficult time behind you.

18/01/2017 - Remember, when you are enjoying the success you have worked so hard for, don't waste time and energy thinking or talking about all the negatives you encountered along the way. This will only bring some of that negativity into what should be a positive new beginning. There will be plenty of time to reflect on the whole process further down the track.

22/09/2016 - The battle is almost won. Hang in there and trust your judgement no matter how many people are making you question it. Don't back down.

23/06/2016 - This is for anyone who is battling something in life right now. Keep doing the best that you can on a daily basis and you will see an improvement soon. Some will even get a satisfactory completion along with a new start quicker than expected.

18/05/2016 - If you find yourself having the upper hand in some battle then don't push too hard to make it a win. Allow others involved to act or react before you push your advantage.

19/04/2016 - Pick your battles. Some things are simply not worth the effort and you want to be able to give your full attention to what is really important in the long term. If you know you are right and are being challenged in this, hold firm and you will win in the end.

17/09/2015 - There are some battles to be won. With the right strategies you can win. Seek advice if you are unsure how to proceed. For some it is a battle with yourself that is well worth engaging in. Patience and perseverance will pay off so don't give up too soon.

28/02/2015 - You win some, you lose some. No matter which of these it turns out to be for you in the coming weeks it is your attitude that will decide if you are ultimately a winner or a loser. You can turn a loss situation into a win for your character by the way you handle it. You can turn a win situation into a loss of character according to your attitude and actions. All in all the next few weeks are significant at many levels.

26/07/2014 - There is a battle to fight and win. It will be more obvious for some of you but in some way this is relevant to everyone. Quite often we look outside of ourselves for the solutions or strategies. This time you will do better to deal within yourself with how you are acting/reacting to things happening at the moment. A change in the way you do things, think about things, feel about things will bring about the necessary changes, leading to success.