5 of Cups

13/09/2020 - If you are feeling overwhelmed with sadness or negativity then acknowledge it but do not let it take over. No matter how small, there are some positives in the current situation and it is best to find them and build on them now. If you wait until you are feeling better then some of those positives may not then be available to you.

21/12/2019 - For some it is time to stop focusing on all that is lost or now not attainable and to bravely look to the future with the determination to make the most out of what you can achieve. 

15/05/2019 - Do not focus on what has gone wrong or what can go wrong but focus instead on the many positives that you have going for you even if you have to look hard and deep to find them.

12/04/2019 - Focussing on what has not turned out well instead of what is going well in life is not going to help anyone. It may be hard for some to believe right now but those positives, no matter how small, are going to grow in number over the next few months.

06/12/2018 - In the midst of happiness there may be a little sadness. Don't ignore it. At the same time, don't let it spoil something special. Life gives and life takes so make the most of what you are currently experiencing.

13/04/2018 - When you least expect it you will be given something that will lift your spirits and show you the silver lining in your black cloud. This will mark a turning point in a difficult process that you have been going through. All is not lost after all.  

09/04/2018 - You can't rush through a grieving process. Those who have lost something close to their heart may find that memories or other events trigger those feelings of sadness and loss. It's a part of the process so acknowledge your feelings and see if they have something new to tell you about yourself or the situation you are in.  

26/03/2018 - Those who have been undergoing a period of sadness and/or loss will find that they can now see a silver lining to their black cloud or at least see some positives that they can now build on to bring happiness back into their lives.

31/12/2017 - Do not look back with regret. Let go of the sadness and disappointment connected to the past. Seek out the happy times and know that you will have happy times again. There is much you can build a future on if you look closely enough and are prepared to take a chance on yourself. It may be time to let go of binding promises and be free. A new year beckons.

10/05/2017 - If you are experiencing a loss of some kind then it is wise to let yourself experience the full range of emotions while letting them go at the same time. Not all is lost. There is the potential for happiness and soon you will be able to see it so that you can move on to what can be yours.

30/11/2016 - Whether the decisions were made long ago or recently there is still nothing to be gained by dwelling on "what if" or "why me". If you made the decisions then trust yourself and your own judgement. If the decisions were made by others then be determined to make the most of what you have been dealt with. There is a future and it can be good.

15/11/2016 - If you are feeling sad or regretful about things that have had to end so you can have a new beginning then honour those feelings and let them go so you can embrace the positive potential before you.

04/10/2016 - Don't turn your back on something that has the potential to grow into something very worthwhile just because it is not what you wanted in the first place.

14/09/2016 - It could be time to say goodbye to some people who no longer fit into your life. Don't feel badly about this as most likely you don't really fit into their life anymore either. One of you has to move on to set you both free.

30/08/2016 - Don't focus on what you think you have lost or what might have been because you will miss the opportunites for growth and happiness that are all around you. A change of focus is what is needed now.

11/07/2016 - It is good to go back over the events of your life to see the lessons you have learned and how much you have grown. Don't fall into the trap of thinking about what might have been in some areas of your life. You can't change the past so make the most of what you have going on now.

25/03/2016 - Don't be sucked into being "the victim" even if you feel that people always seem to do the wrong thing by you. That is their problem by being the way they are. You are better than that and while you can acknowledge that you don't like what has happened, it does not define you as a human being. Not everyone is going to relate to this personally but you may find that these words are just right for someone you know.

08/01/2016 - If you have said things that you now sincerely regret then make the effort to make things right if you can. If someone is trying to make you regret your words when you sincerely don't regret them then stand firm and keep your mouth shut.

29/11/2015 - Don't waste time on regrets. What is done is done and what is in the past needs to stay in the past. The battle with this may be with yourself or it may be that someone else is trying to keep you from moving forward. For some it is someone close to you who is having this battle but it affects you in some way. Perhaps you can assist them to let go or maybe you have to let them go.

03/11/2015 - Over the next few weeks you may find yourself being reminded of things and people from various times in your life. You will see that for most of this there has been or needs to be a completion or closure of some kind. While this may at times make you feel sad you will also be smiling at so much of it and realising that what has happened is done and now it is time for new things in your life which is being blessed by the past.

30/04/2015 - This is not the time to be looking back with regrets of any kind. What is done is done and thinking of what might have been or what should have been is a waste to time and energy. Now is the time to look forward to what you can achieve and to the happiness that you deserve to have.

19/02/2015 - It is very important that you look for and focus upon the positive things in your life at the moment. No matter what is going on or not going on seeing it all from a negative viewpoint will mean that you lose those precious opportunities for growth and success that are hidden in your life situation at this time.

16/12/2014 - This is definitely NOT the time to be wasting energy on regrets or allowing yourself to feel like a victim. This is the time to take stock of what you have got going for you on the positive side and focus on growing that into something strong and good in your life. If you feel you can't do this alone then seek help from friends, family and/or professionals.