4 of Pentacles

23/12/2020 - Some will be hugging themselves or others in pure satisfaction for some positive reason. This may be for something that has been long in coming while for some it is an unexpected outcome that brings this on.

28/04/2020 - It is wise not to over spend at this time. Things will improve and then you will be able to get those things you want. Right now focus on what is needed and all should be well in time.

16/01/2020 - Don't let go of what you have worked so hard to attain and waited so long for. With thought and patience it is possible to have what you want without sacrificing that which is most essential to your happiness and wellbeing. Discern the difference between wants and needs.

24/09/2019 - Hold on to the gains you have made. This may be a time when you feel pulled in all directions and you risk being depleted in some way. It is not selfish to keep what is yours. You have earned it and others must do the same for themselves.

04/05/2019 - This is a good time to spend some time looking after your own needs instead of the needs of others. Events now, and ongoing for some, require you to be ready and able to deal with more than you would like so self-nurturing is essential.. 

4/04/2019 - Just hold on to what you have or feel at the moment. The time is coming for you to let go of something. This could be a situation, attitude or person. You can only do it when you are ready and not when someone tells you that you should do it.

14/08/2017 - Just hold on tight because the ride of life may be about to pick up speed. Trust that you have everything in place and available to you to see you through to a successful outcome.

29/06/2017 - What ever it is you are planning to do or whatever situation you find yourself in some time over the next few weeks make sure you hang on to your self-esteem. Don't let anyone undermine your belief in yourself and your ability to do things well. You may be challenged more than once but always remember, you are a valuable human being.

17/04/2017 - Sometime soon you may feel as if things or situations that are precious to you are being taken away or changed in some way. Don't just hang on to them for the sake of it. Some things need to be let go while others are worth hanging on to. The important thing is to be able to discern which is which and hang on or let go accordingly. You may need to seek an objective opinion to help you with this.

20/10/2016 - It is not a good time to spend up big. It is better to save up for what you want rather than use that credit card as something else may come up that you want more than anything currently tempting you.

03/10/2016 - Now is not a good time to spend money unless you have to. Hang on to any excess so that you will have it for what you really need or really want a bit further down the track.

03/08/2016 - Don't be in a hurry to end something. You may be able to make some positive changes and readjustments. Those who have had no choice but to be part of an eding can take advantage of new freedom to become what you truly are. 

23/02/2016 - Don't take anything or anyone for granted. Let people know how you feel about them and set boundaries if you need to. Good things can become even better when they are acknowledged and appreciated. Bad things can be changed when they are acknowledged and dealt with appropriately. 

17/02/2016 - This is a good time to control impulse buying and decision making. Don't let the mood of the moment lead you into something you will regret later on.

09/11/2015 - Hold on tight, your new adventure or the next stage in the one that has already started is about to take off. It should be very interesting and full of new learning and growth opportunities.

20/10/2015 - Spend your money wisely. Do your research and make sure you have chosen the best option for your situation before you make a final decision. Money will be spent and you want to get the best value for that money so don't rush, be patient and seek expert advice where useful.

14/09/2015 - Now while things are looking good for a positive move forward in the near future you may feel a bit restless and/or impatient in the meantime. That means you need to be very strong and hold tight until it is obvious that things are starting to move or that opportunity you need shows up. Just hang on and you likely won't be disappointed.

08/08/2015 - You may want to consider holding on to what you have no matter how restless you feel. If you are going to throw caution to the wind and go after something you think you want then make sure you have some kind of backup plan in case things don't work out as planned.

29/07/2015 - Soon you may just be feeling like hugging yourself with pure satisfaction at something you have achieved. You will surely be sharing this with people who will be very pleased for you too.

11/06/2015 - Opportunities for making money, saving money or both are heading your way. In only a very few cases will this come via Lady Luck. For most of you it will mean taking advantage of opportunities to earn money and to cut down on expenses.

28/04/2015 - You should end up coming out better than expected financially in some situation. Careful planning and wise decision making will pay off so don't make hasty decisions.

30/03/2015 - Usually it is right to hang on to something that is rightfully yours. However there can come a time when for various reasons it is best to let it go. Putting up with the negative effects of hanging on can end up being such a great burden that it affects your wellbeing. If that has become the case for you then it is time to have the courage to let it go and move on without looking back.

24/10/2014 - You may be holding on to something that you need to let go of so that you have room in your life, mind and heart for something new and better for you. This may be obvious to some of you so all you need to do is the letting go. Others may not relate to this at all. For you there is a deeper message here. Look deeply into your life as there may be something that has slipped below the surface. If you still can't find it then you have probably realised by really looking at this that you have already let go and so you just have to be open to what is coming to you.