4 of Cups

30/01/2021 - Don't be too quick to dismiss some option that is held out to you as a possible solution to a problem. It may not be quite to your liking but may be the best way to go at this time. For some a bit of creative tweaking will turn it into something more appealing.

15/01/2021 - You may be limiting your range of choice or opportunity by having too narrow a focus. Start looking wider afield and you may be surprised at what you find.

08/09/2020 - It's very easy to get lost in all the things that simply "can't be" at the moment. The best way forward is to find and focus on the positive things that "can be" right now. Work with those possibilities and you may be amazed at how things turn around for the better for you.

04/01/2020 - For some there is still something not quite as they want it to be in life. It may be that patience is all that is required. For some it is action that is required. Don't mistake procrastination for patience or impulse for action. It would be good to get in touch with your deepest self at this time.

22/08/2019 - A time of deep thinking is upon you or soon will be. Make the time to do this as some important insights and realisations will lead to some positive outcomes. 

27/07/2019 - It takes awhile for things to change or for changes to take effect. Plans set in motion may seem to be delayed but in fact everything is happening according to the most effective timeline. You can't force things so be patient.

31/12/2018 - As the old year fades out and the New Year dawns we have the opportunity to evaluate not only the year just gone but all the years of our lives. What is it that we still want to achieve? Is it possible to work towards it in this coming year? Now is a good time to set new goals and let old ones go if they no longer serve our life purpose.

22/11/2018 - We want it all and we want it now. That is the normal human condition. Life rarely works that way so do what you can do on a daily basis and be prepared to wait for the results to start manifesting in your life.

25/07/2018 - The solution at hand may be less than ideal in your eyes but it is what you make of it that is important. This may well be a small starting point from which something more to your liking will develop. Don't let fear stop you from taking a chance on life.

02/06/2018 - While you are focused on something quite important or interesting to you there will be an offer that you simply can't refuse. This may be a bit disruptive to your plans or life in general however it is worth considering very seriously. If you really want it then you will be able to integrate it into your life.  

12/02/2018 - If you are feeling down and can't put your finger on why it is most likely because you know that there is more to life than what is currently going on. Don't ignore this feeling. Look into your life and discover what is missing. Then put in the time and effort to plan how you can include these things in your life and work towards gaining them.

14/01/2017 - Don't worry if you feel like things should be taking off in some way but they aren't. They will, at the right time. You are sensing the changes that are coming. Patience is still the name of the game.

29/08/2016 - If you are wanting to get in and do things but just can't get motivated don't stress too much about it. It may be that you are about to embark on an interesting and even exciting new phase and it just isn't time yet. 

01/08/2016 - No use dewlling on the things that didn't turn out the way you hoped or planned for. There are lots of options open to you. While some of them don't appeal to you right now there are some that have potential if you just look into them with a fresh new outlook.

13/03/2016 - Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be anything that you can do to make something better. Rather than get upset over it just do what you can, what feels right and watch for signs of change. It is actually looking like a good outcome is on the way and being calm anf firm now should help.

18/01/2016 - If you are feeling like there is something missing in life but you can't really put your finger on what it is, then most likely it is that you are picking up that some quite significant changes are about to take place. There should be some kind of a shift in pace for you soon.

10/10/2015 - You may be feeling very satisfied with the way life is going but that there is still something missing or taking too long to manifest. Well, this is a lesson in patience because you are going to get the reward you deserve for all that you have done, it is just taking its time to reach you.

30/08/2015 - If something is bothering you about a person or situation then it is best to talk things over with those who are involved. If that is not possible then talking it out with a friend or someone who cares about you should help you to feel more positive. Keeping your thoughts to yourself on this is not going to make anything better.

26/07/2015 - Something may be making you feel worried, annoyed, bored, angry, disappointed or sad. If you have a good look at your life and the things that are going on at many levels you should see that you have a lot of positive things going for you at the moment. Try to focus on those and let the other things go by. Most of them will sort out soon anyway.

07/07/2015 - If you are happy with the way life is going at the moment then don't take on something that will complicate things. On the other hand if you feel that something is missing in your life then now may just be the time to take on something new.

17/12/2014 - If you are wanting changes in your life you may be tempted to accept any half decent offer that comes you way. Rather than jumping in and accepting, it may be wise to take some time to consider it properly. You may need to consider the type or person or people who are making the offer too. You have actually got a lot more going for you than you realise and you wouldn't want to take on something that you may want to get rid of later on.