49 Gates of Understanding

Lessons for Self Mastery

These lessons are dedicated to the upliftment of mankind. They present the teachings of the Master Kuthumi on the "keys to a higher life".

In the mid 1980's Kuthumi first took Aisha on a journey of discovery out of which came the first 33 Spiritual Attributes of the Tree of Life. Several years later these became the basis of weekly lessons given to a small group of people in the town of Ipswich in South East Queensland, Australia. Each week for 33 weeks Kuthumi gave the lesson to the group through Aisha.

A few years later he gave Aisha the Spiritual Attributes for the 16 Hidden Paths of the Tree of Life. He then gave the lessons on those Attributes through Aleah.

Ultimately these lessons were edited under Kuthumi's guidance to become the first book on the 49 Gates of Understanding.

Start the Lessons HERE and do them in the order they were first given to the Original Group.

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