3 of Wands

16/12/2020 - A good and solid foundation has been laid in some area of life and now is the time to start planning to build on it. Don't let doubt or fear hold you back. Those plans that have been on hold will be put into motion soon.

26/10/2020 - It's time to face the future with courage and optimism. There is a lot of potential success on the road ahead so don't let current doubts and/or fears cloud your judgement. Make the necessary decisions with confidence in your ability to succeed. 

08/10/2020 - Realising that a far off goal may be closer than you think will bring excitement as well as trepidation. Don't worry, you will manage all the changes that this brings with it.

22/08/2020 - Taking stock of what you have and what you need in order to make that next move forward in life. Don't be limited by what you think you lack. You have more to draw upon than is obvious on the surface.

25/07/2020 - A lot of the ground work has been done in some venture and now is the time when you will see things take off in the direction you are working towards.

27/06/2020 - A lot of work may need to be done to lay the foundation for something solid and lasting. The potential for success in some venture is high and the work done now will increase that possibility of success.

21/04/2020 - Many will be given the opportunity to build something worthwhile on the foundations that have been forming over the past few weeks, months or years. It may not all happen at once but the signs should be there.

10/04/2020 - Now is a good time to think deeply about the direction your life is going in and the direction you want it to go in. Decisions made and plans started can lead to the building of a solid foundation for a better future.

29/03/2020 - Those who have been feeling a bit unsure of outcomes or a bit insecure in some situation should be starting to see signs that things are developing in a positive direction for you.

24/01/2020 - You definitely have built a strong foundation on which to build something worthwhile. It may require you to adjust your outlook or expectations in some way so it is best to be flexible and open minded.

10/01/2020 - It may have been a long hard road to travel to get to today but many are now realising that they have made it in some way. A goal has been achieved, a level up has occurred, a new position in some way attained. For some it will be clear sailing from here for some time to come. For others it may be necessary to consolidate your gains before things truly run smoothly.

27/04/2019 - You may not be fully aware of it yet but you really have built a solid foundation on which to build a solid and fulfilling future. Events playing out over the coming months will prove this to you.

08/03/2019 - You have spent a lot of time building a sound foundation and now it is time to build something on it. What you need to do and who you need with you will soon become obvious.

14/02/2019 - Some ground has been gained in some struggle you have been going through. It may be time to take stock of the situation in light of recent events and make adjustments to plans if necessary.

03/01/2019 - Oh yes, you have created a very good foundation on which to build a future that is both successful and happy. Do not doubt yourself as you may have to reach out and go for what it is you want. You can do it.

25/10/2018 - In contemplating the future you will realise that you have built up a lot of experience and connections with people who can aid you at this time. It's time to take advantage of this.

12/08/2018 - Once you have sorted through your options new goals can be set and new plans can be made.  

30/07/2018 - Now you can pull all your strengths together to face the future with plans and a good foundation for a new start in some area of life. 

02/07/2018 - You are in a better place now in which to build a successful future. There is still work to be done but the path ahead should now be more clear than it has been for awhile. Many will be full of ideas and plans taking shape. Some need to simply go with the flow before the ideas come.  

10/03/2018 - In some way things are falling into place and you will find that you have good reason to feel confident about the direction your life is taking.  

22/03/2018 - You may find yourself thinking deeply about how you can consolidate your future. There are some things in your favour and some things that you may be concerned about. A lot has to do with having to take a chance on something. It is time to take a chance on yourself so go for what you know you deserve and don't settle for less.  

15/02/2018 - You have laid down a very solid foundation on which to build something lasting. What you need to get started on this will come to you soon if it has not started to already. Be confident that you will get things right this time.

30/01/2018 - Looking forward to some positive changes leading to strengthening a foundation you have been steadily building for a long time now. A few things still need to be completed or to fall in to place but everything is on course for this to happen. This is a good time to get your house in order so to speak. Tie up any loose ends that you don't want interfering with your forward progress.

14/10/2017 - Taking time out to reflect on the past will show you just what a strong foundation you now have on which to build that future that is aligned with your new goals in life. Things are possible now that were not so a few months or even weeks ago. Shed that old outmoded mindset and embrace the future.

05/09/2017 - What a wonderful feeling it is to watch while you see all the puzzle pieces coming together. Patience is still required as this is only the beginning. There is more to come and more to do which will carry you forward in ways you could never have imagined a short while ago.

23/08/2017 - It may not be easy but events are giving you the opportunity to consolidate your position in some area of your life. This will then enable you to look towards the future with courage and confidence.

30/07/2017 - Recent events have placed you in a good position to build a solid future. It is early days yet and so it may take a little while for you to see this working out in your life.

22/03/2017 - The things going on in your life right now are actually bringing you to a point where you will have a very strong foundation on which to build something important in your life. Expect to have some new ideas thrown at you. You aren't expected to accept them all but they should challenge you to think outside your normal limits.

17/01/2017 - So much growth brought about by tackling all those challenges of the past several years just has to bring on opportunities to make good use of it. Expect opportunities to come to you. The challenge now will be to discern which ones will bring success and happiness and which ones are best let pass by.

24/09/2016 - A bright new outlook is possible. Many things are starting to sort out which will give you more options than you thought you could have.

10/08/2016 - Look ahead with strength and confidence. There are many opportunities coming your way. Not all of them will suit you and many will challenge you. Be true to yourself and follow your heart and you can't go wrong.

09/06/2016 - If things are lining up to push you into a new stage in your life then take this as an opportunity for growth and embrace it. Resisting change at this time will only delay the inevitable and give you less control over outcomes in the long term.

04/05/2016 - Don't worry if some aspects of the future look uncertain or are simply unknown at the moment. Things are coming together in more than one area of life which will lead to positive progress. Be patient and keep busy so that before you know it, something definite will happen and you will feel more confident.

11/10/2015 - If you want to further your career or build your business then now is the time to get serious about it. All the effort you put in now will have positive benefits for you long term. Don't expect quick results but you should see some progress as soon as you implement something aimed at achieving your goals.

12/02/2015 - Look forwards. Don't look backwards. There is nothing there for you now excpet the lessons learned, the strengths gained and the bonds of love and friendship that you have formed. With these you have so much to look forward to even if it does not seem like that right now. The first glimmers of the Sun are appearing over your horizon.

07/02/2015 - Those people who have been putting in that extra effort to get ahead in career or business are going to get a boost of some kind. You may have to make some decisions and do something with whatever comes your way but if you have been doing all you can to get ahead lately then you should not have a problem with making the most of what comes to you.

14/01/2015 - Things are lining up for promotions at work, new job oppor-tunities, business opportunities etc. it is a definite "stepping up" in some area of life. This will bring some challenges. How you meet them will determine how far you can go with this. Their is great potential fo success here as long as you put the effort in at the right time.