3 of Swords

22/11/2020 - There is hope for those who are going through some very tough and even heartbreaking times right now. The worst has happened and now it is time to look forward at what can be accomplished rather than looking back at what might have been.

01/11/2020 - Heartache in some situation may be unavoidable for some at this time. Make the most of what is on offer, honour your feelings by expressing them, walk supportively beside the person who is hurting, be gently encouraging towards yourself and/or others, seek support if you need it. As with all things, this too will pass. Some are finally healing from past heartache and are ready to move on.

27/09/2020 - Past hurts and heartbreak can get in the way of happily moving forward. For some this is a time to sort out fact from fear. Things happen for a reason so trust that this situation is one that you have the ability to move through successfully.

26/07/2020 - The recent or current heartache that some of you are dealing with right now will soon ease somewhat which will give you the chance to embrace life again. Others are at the other end of this and are finding, or soon will find, that the light has returned to their lives in ways they never thought possible.

14/06/2020 - Moving on from heartbreak is never easy. Everyone does it a bit differently and at their own pace. Do not beat yourself up if you think you should be over it by now or think that you should have let it all go a long time ago. There is a reason you are still hurting so try to discover what that is and maybe then you can heal.

15/02/2020 - Some have made heartbreaking decisions recently. Whether it is your own heartache or that of another this is a time to honour those feelings and the life experiences that brought you to this time. It is just one time in your life and while something may have ended there is an opportunity within this to create a new and different beginning.

31/12/2019 - There is heart healing for some who have been weighed down by grief and disappointment for some time now. The signs of this healing may be subtle at first but soon they will be strong and noticeable.

18/10/2019 - Something may remind you of past heartache. If so then it is time to have another look at this. You can now see it differently and have what you need to move on from it having learned all those valuable lessons.

04/09/2019 - Those who have been going through a heartbreaking time over the past few years are coming to the end of this trying time. Now is a good time to look back and see how strong you have become during this time and to ponder on what it is you really need in your life to be content.

03/08/2019 - Trying to comfort someone in a time of sorrow is very difficult. It may be that simply letting them know that you love them and sincerely wish them well is the best you can do for them at this time. Do not feel guilty that you have happiness while another does not. Those who are in sorrow will move forward into happier times.

24/10/2018 - If you are feeling broken hearted then don't run away from the pain. Experience it, learn all about it and then let it go. Reach out to others in your time of need. You are not a burden but are giving those who help you an opportunity to give something to another person just as people have given to them over the years. 

29/08/2018 - In order to appreciate the good times we all have to experience some heartache. Some seem to have more than others. This is not some kind of punishment. When considered in the light of many lifetimes the one you have now is the one that is giving you the life experiences to learn from this time. If things are not going well don't fall into the trap of "victim mentality". Don't blame others but look at your past actions, decisions and attitudes. When you see your part in it and own it then you will be able to move on. This will then bring new experiences to you.

21/01/2018 - Those dealing with heartbreak will find a new focus. This will bring them to a new level of healing and having the confidence to pick up the pieces and make something good come to them.

16/12/2017 - Dealing with heartache or betrayal comes into focus. This may be for you personally or someone you care about. It could be new or an old hurt that comes to the surface to be dealt with finally. For some it is the realisation that a broken heart is now whole again.

23/07/2017 - Sometimes we simply have to experience sorrow and heartache along our journey of life. These are learning experiences and so if we can rise above the emotional turmoil we may see what it is that has caused this, our part in it and the parts others have played. From this, understanding can come, which eventually leads to peace. You cannot take away a person's pain and so simply be there for them in their time of need.

08/02/2017 - Some changes are coming and at first some of them may seem like a bad thing. If so try not to get ahead of yourself in this as most will turn out to be for the best or at least not as bad as your imagination makes them out to be.

16/11/2016 - Don't cry over spilled milk as they say. What is done is done and you and others cannot undo it. Make the most of the opportunities presenting to you at this time and you will find that you will move forward eventually.

09/09/2016 - It is time to let go of past hurts. It is amazing how they slip below the threshold of consciousness to fester away and come out in ways that do not seem connected to them in any way. This means having a good, hard and deep look to make sure that the past is well and truly in the past.

12/08/2016 - If you are struggling emotionally at the moment the good news is that some changes for the better are just around the corner.

04/04/2016 - Don't worry about what other people think about your decisions. They are not walking in your shoes. Don't be weakened in your resolve to do something that will be beneficial in the long term because you are afraid of hurting someone now. Take control of the situation in the way you know you need to and all will work out well eventually.

27/03/2015 - Don't be afraid to take a chance on life because you are afraid of being hurt. Maybe you will end up feeling hurt but maybe you won't. Maybe you will end up with great happiness and contentment. You won't know unless you take that chance.

31/08/2014 - If life has kicked you while you are down then take the time and all the help on offer to get yourself back to where you feel you can cope. Then you will see what you can do to rise above it all and get life back on track again. For those who have come out of such a struggle please believe that it will continue to improve. Do not let the fear that it will all be taken away again ruin what should be a wonderful time in your life.