3 of Cups

22/04/2021 - There will something to celebrate soon. This may be a family affair or some personal achievement. It is a time to put cares and worries aside for a bit of fun and interaction with others.

12/04/2021 - You may receive some news or some information that cheers you up. Some will be planning a celebration or will be getting caught up in someone else's happy plans.

14/03/2021 - You should get a better outcome than expected in some area of importance to you or a loved one. Take the time to appreciate just how good this feels when it happens.

11/02/2021 -  If you can't celebrate big achievements then celebrate the small ones in a big way. Having some fun is important self care right now.

19/11/2020 - Some will be celebrating personal achievements. Others will be celebrating the achievements of others or be invited to do so. Many will be looking at creative new ways to celebrate the holiday season. A better outcome will be achieved if this is taken as a positive creative challenge rather than making do in a disappointing situation. 

21/09/2020 - Being there for others, uplifting others and being supported and uplifted is being emphasised at the moment. This is a time to give of yourself to others while also asking for and accepting help for yourself when needed. Getting this balance right is something to celebrate.

25/08/2020 - While there is cause for celebration in some way this is only one stage in the development of something. This means that it is good to acknowledge the progress made but do not slow your pace in moving forward,

19/06/2020 - Many will be entering a time of celebrating a successful outcome. For some this time of celebration is now while for others it will be noticeable that there is a change for the better and a reason to hope for a positive outcome.

11/06/2020 - Some will be celebrating for a good reason while others will be celebrating just because they can. Time spent with friends and family will have a new kind of special about it. For some it will even be a time to let go of petty grudges.

22/05/2020 - Soon you will be celebrating something for yourself or be part of someone else's celebrations. Either way it is a time of joy and happiness shared with others.

12/04/2020 - A time of celebration and success is coming. In the meantime celebrate the little things that are positive and be creative in the celebration of life.

09/02/2020 - So it is a time for celebration of success for someone. This may be yourself or someone close to you. For some it is a time of continued improvement which will bring many occasions for celebration.

03/12/2019 - Some will feel a great sense of satisfaction as they finalise something that has been ongoing for awhile now. Others will be getting into party mode for some reason. If you are not in the mood for this then let people know how you really feel.

09/11/2019 - Time for some relaxation and fun with friends and/or family. For some this will have been planned ahead of time but for many it will be spontaneous or quickly arranged ahead of time.

04/11/2019 - There is cause to celebrate even if it is simply celebrating the fact that you have people who have your back no matter what.

28/06/2019 - Celebrations are in order. Some of you already know what it is you are celebrating while others are still waiting for news or events to occur. 

03/06/2019 - You will feel as though you have something to celebrate. Whether it be a big thing or just one little success along the way it is still quite significant as far as the big picture is concerned.

23/01/2019 - A team effort will be very successful. Obstacles will be overcome by a united effort. Be wary of anyone who is sowing the seeds of doubt about the trustworthiness of those you are working closely with. United you will succeed but divided you will fail.

15/12/2018 - It's a time of celebrations, large and small. While it is obviously the time of year for this it can be more significant than that for some people. Your celebrations may be very personal and very special.

13/09/2018 - Soon you will be celebrating your success or the success of someone close to you. For some this will be a big celebration marking a significant event or stage in life. Others will find that they are receiving invitations to socialise more often than ever before.

01/06/2018 - There is cause to celebrate. For some this is a very major celebration that may need quite a bit of planning to make happen just the way you want it to. For others it is the simple celebration of time well spent with family and friends. Some my reconnect with old friends in a new an interesting way.  

17/05/2018 - It's time for you to complete some major phase in your life. For some this is something that started decades ago or even lifetimes ago. For others it is something more recent but of great significance. Events now are bring about this completion so all that is required of you is to go with it and be aware of it.  

30/04/2018 - You may be taking the lead in organising a celebration or get-together of some kind. For some it means stepping in and taking over from someone who needs help in making something come together successfully.  

31/01/2018 - You may be thinking that it is time to go out and have some fun. Some will know exactly what to do while others will realise that it has been so long that they really don't know where to start. Fortunately some opportunities for fun are on the way. This is also a good time to follow that intuitive push to do or say something to get things going.

07/02/2017 - Some decisions you made some time ago are painting off now and soon you will be feeling like celebrating.

21/01/2017 - Celebrating a success of some kind. This is particularly relating to something that has required a team effort. It may not have been a formal team but could be you and your support network marking a successful outcome.

27/07/2016 - Looks like there is a celebration coming up soon. Most likely celebrating receiving an offer of some kind either for yourself or someone close to you.

14/06/2016 - Celebrating a win of some kind is quite possible soon. This may be in the area of love, lifestyle, competition, career or money.

28/05/2016 - Keep on doing what you are doing and you will soon have something to celebrate.

12/05/2016 - An important celebration is coming up. Some of you are already planning for this event and it should all go ahead to plan. Others will suddenly find they have a reason to celebrate either personally or they will be incluuded in someone else's celebration. Either way it should be a very uplifting experience.

12/01/2016 - There is celebrating of new life to do soon either for yourself or someone close to you. This could be an actual new life as in a baby person or pet. It can also be a new phase or life cycle beginning with something worth celebrating.

13/04/2015 - it is time to put disappointment behind you and look towards the future with enthusiasm and the expectation of happiness.

29/03/2015 - Soon you will be celebrating a success of some kind. All your hard work and effort that you have put into something is going to come good for you. This is more likely to be study related, becoming competent in a physical activity or gaining new work or hobby related skills rather than in some other area of struggle. In some cases you will be helping someone else to celebrate their success.

22/01/2015 - Many of you will find yourselves the centre of attention for one reason or another. It may simply be a birthday or anniversary but for some it will be more significant and implies some kind of recognition or appreciation that may well be unexpected.

03/12/2014 - Certainly it is celebration time in many countries at this time of year and this card is referring to this. However, for many there will be something extra special about the celebrations this year. For those of you who don't celebrate anything in particular this time of year, you may find that you are caught up in something positive. You don't have to believe in what others are celebrating but can celebrate the things that are important to you. The more happiness and joy that is radiating from people at the same time the better everyone feels.